Show Your Body Some Love With These 14 Self-Care Ideas

Seems like everyone is talking about self care these days and honestly, there is valid reason for that.  For far too long, many of us have been focused on getting ahead, getting to work and getting the kids up on time.  Okay, maybe that’s not all we have been focused on, but for real, we haven’t had enough time to focus on ourselves, and it is time to change that.

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It’s time to make a change for you!  If you have no idea where to begin, here are 14 self-care ideas that will help your body that you can start now!

  1. Make it a priority.  You must make self-care a priority.  I know you are used to putting everyone else’s needs in front of yours, but it is time to change that. That is not to say that you have to be selfish, only that you don’t forget yourself.
  2. Schedule it.  Now that you know you need to prioritize your self-care, it is time to schedule it into your routine. If you are anything like me, if it is not on the schedule, it doesn’t happen.
  3. Start saying no.  This one is hard. I know it is, but in order to make time for yourself, you must learn to say no to others’ requests sometimes. 
  4. Meditate.  Meditation can do wonders for relaxation. Even if you have just 5-10 minutes in your day to spare, use those minutes to meditate.
  5. Have a date night.  Schedule a date night with yourself, with your honey or with some friends. Just get out and enjoy yourself even for just an hour or two.  It’s nice to get away from the kids and your responsibilities for a bit.
  6. Exercise.  Daily exercise can do wonders for your body and your mind. Even if you can only fit in a 10 minute walk, that is ok, but make it a priority.  Your health depends on it.
  7. Get outside more.  Science has proven that many of us lack Vitamin D, which can be helped by getting outside more. 
  8. Volunteer.  Volunteering feels good and studies have shown that it actually helps us to feel less stressed.
  9. Relax.  I know it’s hard, but if you don’t allow yourself to relax once in awhile, you will find yourself more stressed out. Stress can cause a list of health problems, so why not do what you can do to avoid that?
  10. Eat those fruits and veggies.  Eating fruits and veggies is one of the best things that you can do for your body. Increasing your vitamins and minerals helps you to maintain a healthier weight and even helps to maintain and strengthen brain function.
  11. Sleep.  Many of us are lacking in the sleep department. We have so much to do that we often stay up too late and get up too early in an effort to get it all done. Make it a priority to get over 7 hours of sleep each night for maximum benefit.
  12. Get a massage.  Whether you spring for a professional massage or sweet talk your sweetie into giving you one. Massage is great for relaxation and helps to ease tense muscles.
  13. Cuddle.  Grab your kids, your partner or even your pet and cuddle up. Cuddling has been shown to release oxytocin into your system which is a hormone known to boost happiness.
  14. Unplug.  Staring at your phone or computer screen all day long is simply not good for you. Your brain needs downtime to recharge and the constant screen time is bad for your eyes. Try to make it a habit to unplug for an hour or two each day.
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Show Your Body Some Love With These Self-Care Ideas


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Show Your Body Some Love With These 14 Self-Care Ideas

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