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Simple Ways To Make Iced Coffee At Home

It’s Not That Hard To Make Iced Coffee At Home

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Iced coffee has become a must during the summer which is weird because I am not a regular coffee drinker. I hardly ever drink it in the winter, but once it gets hot, I like to indulge in a tall glass of iced coffee. This can be costly though. To my surprise, I discovered that I could make it using my single cup coffee maker. The following are a few ways to make iced coffee at home.

Regular Coffee Over Ice

One of the simplest ways to make iced coffee at home is to fill a plastic cup or tumbler to the top with ice. Set your single cup coffee maker to brew using the smallest cup size. Then brew your favorite blend to make your iced coffee. 

making iced coffee at home

Cooled Brew

Pouring the coffee over ice has a negative effect. You’ll notice that the ice cubes melt while you drink your coffee, which ends up diluting the drink. What you want to do is brew your coffee beforehand and add your sweetener while it’s hot. This helps ensure that the sugar is diluted and doesn’t sit at the bottom of the cup. Place it in the refrigerator overnight or in the freezer for 30 minutes before adding ice to keep the ice from melting.

Powered Brew

Those who want a powerful iced coffee brew might want to start with a bold or extra bold coffee and brew it the night before. Pour the coffee into ice trays and freeze them. When you are ready to make your coffee, fill up your plastic cup with the cubes. Use another bold coffee blend and brew it at the lowest setting on your coffeemaker to get the best results for improved taste concentration. This should ensure a powerful iced coffee taste that is not diluted.

Add the Finishing Touch

Add creamer, milk or sugar. You can also add other ingredients such as cinnamon, or chocolate to make your own delicious blend.

add finishing touches to your iced coffee

Keep Your Coffee Tasting Fresh

It’s really important to clean your coffeemaker to keep it working well and to keep the coffee tasting great. Affresh Coffeemaker Cleaner tablets make it easy to clean your single cup coffee maker. These specially formulated tablets fight mineral buildup that can increase brewing time and affect the taste of your coffee. They can be used in both multi-cup coffee makers and single serve brewers. Here are the instructions:

How to use for multi-cup coffee makers:

  1. FILL the reservoir with water to max level
  2. Drop 1 tablet into the reservoir. (For coffeemakers with covered reservoirs, fill the brew pot with water and dissolve 1 tablet in the brew pot, then pour solution into water reservoir)
  3. RUN 1 brew cycle (or ‘clean’ cycle if applicable) into the brew pot.
  4. DISCARD dirty water from brew pot and then fill reservoir with fresh water to max level
  5. RUN 1 brew cycle using fresh water then discard to rinse the coffee maker.

 How to use for single serve brewers:

  1. FILL the reservoir to max level. Drop 1 tablet into the reservoir.
  2. RUN 2 brew cycles selecting largest cup size, discarding dirty water between brews.
  3. DISCARD remaining water from the reservoir. Fill reservoir with fresh water to max level.
  4. RUN 2 additional brew cycles and then discard to rinse coffeemaker.

Cleaning coffeemaker with affresh

You can purchase Affresh Coffeemaker Cleaner at

Simple ways to make iced coffee at home

Buying iced coffee can be costly. Stop buying it and make it yourself! Learn how to save money and make iced coffee at home with these tips.
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