The Angry Birds Movie Review

Maui, Hawaii - Friday, April 15, 2016: Yoga Session during the junket for Columbia Pictures and Rovio Animations' ANGRY BIRDS at the Four Seasons Resort in Wailea. Of course while I was on that all expenses paid trip to Hawaii for the Angry Birds Movie press junket, I got the chance to preview the movie. It’s a really cute, family friendly movie.  It’s also very funny with a few off-color jokes mixed in. There were also lots of puns in the movie, which in my opinion makes the movie fun for adults as well. Here is some insight about the movie:

The Angry Birds Movie Review

Anyone with a mobile device has probably heard of (and probably played) Angry Birds. Now fans of the game can spend ninety-seven minutes getting to know them. The main character Red is the bird that’s always featured as the face of the many different Angry Birds games. He’s voiced by Jason Sudeikis, and he has a bit of a temper. After assaulting a father in front of his wife and unhatched youngster, Red is sentenced to anger management. This is where he meets some of the other regulars from the game such as the black exploding bird (adequately named bomb and voiced by Danny McBride) and the super quick, yellow bird named Chuck (voiced by Josh Gad). Their teacher Matilda (Maya Rudolph) is trying to teach them anger management techniques, but somehow, the tips she provides doesn’t seem to sink in, which may be a good thing.

Keeping in tune with the plot of the game, several mean, green pigs show up to Bird island and steal the eggs of the birds. This is when the birds learn the importance of working together and using anger in self-defense.

Lessons from The Angry Birds Movie

1 – Be Careful How You Choose Your Heroes.

The entire bird population is fascinated with a hero that they fondly know as Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage). While none of them have actually ever seen him in person, they’re all aware of his legend and his conspicuous statue in the middle of town. Red thinks Mighty Eagle can help them and his first plan is to pay Mighty Eagle a visit. However, he and his two companions are very disappointed when they see the eagle in person. He’s not as fit as the statue depicted and he only seems to be concerned with stroking his own ego.

2 – Never give up.

Fortunately, after the disappointing visit with Mighty Eagle, Red and company don’t give up and they rally the village when they return. The birds all work together to build boats which they use to track the pigs. This is when they discover that — sometimes — anger is necessary. 

3 – Work together as a team.

The last few scenes of the movie show the different birds working together as a tem to help defeat the pigs. As they display their own individual powers from the game, it shows us that everyone has different skill sets and putting all those skills together and working as a team can lead to big successes and wins.

The movie climaxes with a final showdown between Red and Leonard, the pig king. The movie ends happily and it teaches children that there’s a time and a place to get angry. It also teaches that there’s a right and a wrong way to deal with anger.

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The Angry Birds Movie Review

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