The Best Educational YouTube Channels For Kids

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Back to school season is finally here! Although my son is heading back to school next week, I am always looking for ways that he can continue to learn when he is at home. I have found that there are a number of remarkable educational YouTube channels for school-aged children. These YouTube education videos cover a wide range of subject areas. I love that they are providing a valuable learning resource. Below are some of the best educational YouTube channels out there:

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This channel is dedicated to showcasing how and why the world is so tremendously amazing. The creator uses mind-bending philosophical puzzles to inspire learning and curiosity.

Steve Spangler’s Sick Science

This educational video channel is quite the favorite among kids. It uses easy-to-follow tutorials to teach kids cool stuff like making a sugar rainbow and creating a bubble inside a bubble.

The Brain Scoop

The Brain Scoop is a YouTube channel created by Chicago’s Field Museum. It engages children with videos like The Human Biology Collection and Why Did King Tut Have a Flat Head?

Smithsonian Channel

This comprehensive channel teaches kids about subjects like monkeys, hammerhead sharks, 9/11 and World War II via an unquestionably reliable source.

It’s Okay to Be Smart

This channel is operated by Joe Hanson, PhD and covers science, the wonderful universe in which we live and the sheer pleasure of discovering new things. The videos provide an explanation for why things are the way they are and how they work.

Houston Zoo

If you have a young animal lover on your hand, this YouTube channel is sure to be a hit. It gives viewers access to a number of popular educational attractions that may be too far away for a personal visit.

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Sesame Street

This channel uses a similar concept to the television show that has educated generations across the world. The favorite Sesame Street characters are used to ensure learning is informative and entertaining.


This YouTube channel provides another reliable source for excellent, kid-friendly content. On the WordWorldPBS channel, your youngster will be able to “watch words come alive.”  Younger kids will be drawn to the animal-themed, animated content.


TED-Ed is a channeled operated by the nonprofit that runs TED Talks. The content challenge kids via perplexing riddles.  In addition, children can explore nature or other subject areas. 


SoulPancake produces YouTube education videos that cover subject areas like culture, art, philosophy and science. They are dedicated to making “stuff that matters.”


This channel gives your child the capacity to “explore the unexpected.” It allows children and parents alike to explore a number of fascinating questions.

With responsible supervision and when used in moderation, this platform can be a remarkable educational tool.  I would still encourage a limit be put on this screen time. My Internet provider, Verizon FiOS, helps me to make sure that my son only visits pre-approved sites. They have a parental controls feature that allows you to limit access to particular sites or to specific content for users on your network. Having a feature like this gives me peace of mind.

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The Best Educational YouTube Channels For Kids

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The Best Educational YouTube Channels For Kids

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