Why You Should Consider Buying A Gaming Laptop For Your Tween

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My son is a gamer. We bought him a gaming system a few years back and he’s enjoyed playing with it over the past few years. What I’ve recently noticed though is that he hardly uses it anymore. He’s moved on to pc gaming. He’s been using my desktop computer to play his games, but just recently, asked for a laptop. He claims that my desktop is too slow and that the graphics were not that good. So, I’ve been looking around and stumbled upon gaming laptops. I had no idea that this was a thing. After doing some research, I realized that a gaming laptop would be the best choice for my little gamer. You can imagine how thrilled he was when he found out that he was actually going to get not just a laptop, but a gaming laptop.

Z.E.N. gets a new gaming laptop

Why Your Tween Needs a Dedicated Gaming Laptop

A sophisticated gaming device can be an effective training ground for higher-level computer systems that kids will need to use in high-school and college. Plus, having a dedicated gaming computer can help parents monitor usage more easily and keep an eye on how their tween handles the increased responsibility that comes with such a device. Finally, tweens will appreciate the capability and speed that a top-notch laptop can handle. This is the ideal time of year to spring for a better cyber setup for you child.

Z.E.N. Checking out the new gaming laptop

What is the Best Value in Gaming Laptops?

It’s a crowded field to be sure, but the HP Omen gaming laptop at Walmart is perhaps the smartest choice a parent could make when shopping for a tween’s gaming needs at holiday time. This is actually the first gaming laptop available at Walmart.

For starters, an Intel®-based device is always a good move to make when shopping for just about any type of computer setup, but more about that later. The HP Omen gaming laptop boasts powerful graphics capability and a top-notch Intel processor that make the Omen ready for anything your child can ask for during heated gaming sessions. Then there’s the keyboard; it features a very cool (for kids and adults!) back-lit keyboard with optimized design.

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Throw in the Omen’s ominously awesome 12GB memory, 1TB hard drive, and a breathtaking 15.6-inch, high-definition IPS monitor for a gaming package that takes no prisoners, and pretty much beats, hands-down, every comparably priced system on the market.

What Makes Intel®-based Devices Better Than the Rest?

The computer world’s dominant maker of processing chips is Intel. That fact alone means the company can do certain things that others can’t, like offer top-of-the-line chips at a reasonable cost. But the cost is not the big issue here; quality is.

When and if you, or your child, needs to find compatible parts for your system, it’s much, much easier to find components that work seamlessly with an Intel®-based device. So, cost and versatility both get check-marks.

Intel, as a world market leader, has the unique ability to not only deliver the lowest prices but also makes a wider variety of chips and related components. That might not seem important now, but just wait a year or so and you find yourself wanting to upgrade. It’ll mean a lot at that point.

Finally, when it comes to processing capability, all-around performance, low heat generation, and economical use of electrical power, Intel®-based devices are the far-and-away leaders of the cyber pack.

Be a sensible, savvy shopper when you set out to buy a gaming laptop for your tween. Go with the HP Omen gaming laptop and you’ll have no regrets.

Z.E.N. already busy playing video games on hisnew gaming laptop

My son is loving this gaming laptop. He loves how fast it is and loves the graphics.

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Why You Should Consider Buying A Gaming Laptop For Your Tween

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