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23 Things To Be Thankful For In Life Every Single Day

23 Things To Be Thankful for In life

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love getting together with family and friends and sitting down together to eat a big meal. I also love the fact that on this day, people take the time to give thanks. I’ve always wondered though, why people wait until Thanksgiving to express gratitude. Thanksgiving should not only be celebrated once a year. We should be thankful for our blessings in life every single day of the year. Here are 23 things to be thankful for in life that you can start being more conscious of right now.

1.  Your Health

Even if you are currently struggling with illness or injury, there are always people who are worse off.  Feeling healthy, is one of life’s greatest blessings.

2.  Your Family

Whether you are surrounded by blood relatives or people with whom you’ve formed close, familial-type bonds, these are often the individuals that make life worth living.  At their best, they support us through hardships by offering love and support and at their worst, they challenge us to grow and reexamine ourselves and our boundaries.  These are the people who will always be there for you, even when you least expect them to be. 

3.  Your Job Or Your Ability To Seek Work

Working and providing for self and family is a primal need.  Your current job may not be your ideal situation, but it is far better than having no job at all.  With millions of people unemployed or physically unable to seek employment, having a job is definitely something to be grateful for.

4.   Your Past Experiences

Even the most difficult of your past experiences have shaped who you are today.  These are what make it possible for you to share valuable life lessons with younger family members and friends.  They also help you to avoid past mistakes.  Hard times build character, edge and sophistication.  Without them, you would not be as resilient, dedicated and secure as you are right now.

5.  The Opportunity To Grow

Every day offers countless chances to turn your life around or to turn it into something new.  When things go wrong, you have the joy of knowing that tomorrow will bring a fresh, clean slate, new ideas, new solutions and new chances to grow.

6.  Your Teachers

Whether your favorite teachers are people you encountered in traditional learning environments or in other areas of life, these individuals gave selflessly to help you get on the path to becoming the best you possible.  Their wisdom and support are things that you can continue to benefit from throughout your entire life.

7.  Your Dreams

Having dreams, even if they seem to take forever to come true, is an essential part of experiencing true happiness in life.  Dreams are what inspire us, keep us moving forward and help us stay committed to growth. Without these, life would be both mundane and bleak.

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8. Sunshine

A bright morning brings an instant smile to our faces. Sunshine inspires us to start our day on a positive note and give life another chance.

9. Kindness of Others

Knowingly and even unknowingly, people around us make a difference in our lives every day. A sound advice, a shoulder to cry on or just a smile can make our lives better.

10. Technology

I once wrote about things that make my life easier and technology was at the top of my list. There’s no denying that technology is making our lives easier and helping us stay connected.

11. Eyesight

Eyesight is the gift that helps us see and appreciate the beauty around us.

12. Time

Although it’s always taken for granted, time helps us set and pursue goals in our lives.

13. Nature

Mother Nature has blessed us with wonders that give our lives a sense of purpose.

14. Food

Sometimes a delicious meal is all it takes to forget about the problems in our lives.

15. Freedom of Speech

Millions of people in other parts of the world are still struggling to voice their opinions. It is, therefore, a great blessing to belong to a society where people can speak their mind without fear of being punished for doing so.

16. Friends

Childhood friends, office buddies or just Facebook pals, friends come in all shapes and sizes and each one of them makes life better.

17. Sitcoms

After a long day of work, turning on the TV to catch some lighthearted sitcoms is a great way to unwind.

18. Vacations

Even if you are not an adventurous traveler, taking a short vacation is a good idea every once in a while if you can swing it. Our little getaways really help us to recharge, relax and re-connect as a family.

19. Old Photographs

Old photographs remind us of the days gone by and fill us with joy and nostalgia.

20. Sleep

A good night’s sleep is good for health and overall wellness.

21. Pair of Jeans

Trends may come and go, but a pair of good old jeans never goes out of fashion.

22. Bed

A comfortable bed is all you need to take a break from your worries.

23. Words

Words give you the opportunity to express yourself.

These are just a few of the many things to be thankful for in life.  With a positive attitude and a grateful spirit, you can find unlimited reasons to be happy with your life, right at this moment.

What are you thankful for?

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  • It’s all true and a good perspective to take. Things can be stressful around here but when I go through that list I realize that 99% of my life is just awesome. I have much to be thankful about!

  • These are great things to be thankful for, I feel like we should implement these into daily life, not just around the holidays.

  • No matter what is going on there is always something to be thankful for. This was a great post. Happy Thanksgiving

  • This is a great post indeed. What a great list of things to be thankful for in life. We to often take things for grated when we shouldn’t. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love the mix of this list from the crucial to some of life’s simple pleasures. If we aren’t intentional about counting our blessings, we can miss them. Thanks so much for reminding us not to do that. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for just this reason.