6 Reasons Why Traveling To See The Total Solar Eclipse Was Worth It

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On August 21st, 2017, thousands of people all over the US and beyond traveled to watch one of the most anticipated events of the century – a total solar eclipse. This was the first total eclipse in the US in almost 40 years. Most of the people who traveled did so to make sure they had the optimal view of this rare astronomical events. While most people in North America and Hawaii would be able to see at least a partial solar eclipse traveling to a state along the path of totality would make the best place to see the total solar eclipse. 

The appeal of a total solar eclipse can be hard to explain. Although the 2017 event lasted only a few minutes, there is something magical, almost mystical about seeing the sun blotted out from the sky by the moon. During those few minutes, those in the path of the eclipse experienced total darkness and were able to see the stars in the early afternoon. Some found it to be a spiritual experience, some claimed it was a religious one, although all found it to be one of the most unforgettable moments of their life.

Of course, we wanted to see the total eclipse, so we traveled to Nashville, Tennessee.  Nashville was the biggest city in the eclipse’s path, and it was reported that millions of people traveled there to witness the eclipse. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt. It is a comfortable and clean hotel which is centrally located to most of the city’s major attractions. It’s the perfect place to stay if you ever find yourself in Nashville. There is something for the whole family. Your kids will love chocolate milk happy hour and the scholastic lending library. You and your kids will enjoy comfortable rooms, and easy proximity to city attractions.

Our Hotel Room

In fact, it is located across the street from Centennial Park and the Parthenon.

The Nashville Parthenon

  I love the fact that the hotel also offers a complimentary shuttle service that brings you right into the heart of the city.

Holiday Inn's Free Shuttle

Here are 6 reasons why traveling to see the total solar eclipse was worth it:

1. It’s a rare event. One of the reasons that seeing a total solar eclipse is so special, is that it is such a relatively rare event. Although an eclipse happens somewhere in the world, about every 18 months, it has been almost a century since the last one passed from coast to coast. For many it is literally a once in a lifetime thing to see, on the bucket list along with swimming with sharks, descending into a volcano or parachuting out of a plane.

2. We got to attend an eclipse viewing party. Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt threw a fun eclipse viewing party. All hotel guests were invited. There were fun activities for the kids. Guests were treated to cookies and chocolate milk. We also got to hang out with Scholastic characters. Clifford and Geronimo Stilton were in attendance and made the event even more enjoyable. 

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Solar Eclipse Related Activities

Story time at the Holiday Inn Eclipse Viewing Party

Hanging out with Clifford at Holiday Inn's Eclipse Viewing Party

3. We got to wear cool glasses. The hotel provided all partygoers with a pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses which did a great job at keeping our eyes safe.

Taking a Peek at the sky to see the progress of the eclipse

This photo is courtesy of Holiday Inn

4. We did lots of people watching. When we arrived in Nashville, we headed downtown. It was amazing to see the sheer number of people who traveled such great distances to see the eclipse. There were lots of street vendors hawking eclipse themed t-shirts and eclipse viewing glasses.  The most amazing part though was seeing all the people wearing their eclipse viewing glasses, cocking their heads towards the sky.  It was an amazing sight to see.

Everyone had their eyes on the sky. Look at the difference in lighting between this photo and the previous one.

5. We got to experience 1 minute and 57 seconds of complete darkness during the day. The period of totality on August 21 endured for 1 minute and 57 seconds.  It was a truly amazing sight to see.  As the sky grew darker, the streetlights popped on. The temperature dropped a bit, and the crickets started chirping. As the moon covered the sun, the crowd starting cheering. It was an awe-inspiring event.I was able to capture this photo of the solar eclipse

6. It was a unique educational opportunity. Seeing the total eclipse live was a great way to engage Z.E.N. in discussions about our planet, the sun and the moon and the solar system. We also got to talk about atmospheric changes and how animals reacted to the sudden darkness.

If you are interested in science or astronomy, seeing a total eclipse gives you a chance to observe something that until now, you have only just read about. The eclipse is also a rare chance to see the sun’s corona, the outermost part of the sun’s atmosphere which actually extends for millions of miles into space. But whether you are a scientist or have only the vaguest grasp of why or how the eclipse happens, it is still an unforgettable sight.

The path of the next total solar eclipse is forecast to pass over a large area of North America, from Mexico to Maine in 2024. Judging from the excitement surrounding the August 2017 eclipse, the best places to view the eclipse from will fill up fast. You have seven years to plan for it – don’t say you didn’t know ahead of time.

6 Reasons Why Traveling to See the Total Solar Eclipse Was Worth It.


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6 Reasons Why Traveling To See The Total Solar Eclipse Was Worth It

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