6 Ways To Freshen Up Your Carpets For Spring

Bissell Carpet Cleaner post Spring cleaning is something I look forward to after a long winter. Freshening up our home coincides with the warmth and color that encompass the spring season. Spring cleaning carpets is an integral part of removing all of the wear and tear that comes with winter. The best way I’ve found to make a dirty carpet look clean again  is to deep clean it with my Bissell carpet cleaner fueled with Bissell machine formulas. Moving all the furniture out of the way can be a pain, but the results are oh, so worth it!

Here are some useful tips on how to freshen up your carpets for spring after a long winter.

  • Make sure to vacuum 3 to 5 times each week to avoid having dirt settle into the carpet. Once dirt has settled, carpets start to show heavily trafficked areas.
  • Any spill or potential stain should be handled immediately. Always attempt to remove stains with water before moving on to a chemically based stain remover. Remember to blot stains instead of rubbing because rubbing can cause the soiled area to go deeper into the carpet.
  • Every time that a carpet is cleaned professionally or steam cleaned with an at home Bissell carpet cleaner, remember to apply Scotchgard Protector to keep stains or dirt from becoming permanent.
  • Strategically place floor mats in high traffic areas, such as room entries, to absorb any sort of moisture and dirt. Make sure the colors from the area rugs will not bleed into the carpet with the presence of moisture.
  • The spring season is a perfect time to rearrange furniture. This new furniture setting will provide new paths of traffic on the carpet preventing the appearance of embedded traffic lanes.
  • The introduction of warmer weather and longer hours of sunlight in the spring season presents a carpet hazard that is often overlooked. Direct sunlight on specific areas of carpet for a prolonged period of time can fade those particular areas. Implement some sort of shading or carpet covering to avoid noticeable color differences.
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I’m hoping that these tips will help you to enjoy a fresh, clean, revitalized carpet for the spring season.

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  • I like what you mentioned about the placement of floor mats. There can be a real science behind floor mat placement. I like to have a welcome mat on the front porch as the first line of defense. What I haven’t been watching out for was the sun. This is something I can look more into. Thanks for sharing.

  • I consider myself somewhat of a neat freak, so vacuuming and professionally cleaning my carpets is almost a daily ritual by this point. However, I’ve never thought of putting scotch guard on the carpets once they’ve been cleaned to prolong their freshness. I will certainly have to do so the next time I clean them. Thank you for sharing a tip that will better help me keep my house clean with less effort.

  • I haven’t heard that you should avoid rubbing stained areas of your carpet, and blot them instead. It’s interesting that rubbing to remove it can force it deeper into the carpet. Is that generally just for cleaning up a fresh mess, or does that also apply to cleaning up older stains?

  • I typically vacuum once a week. Hearing that I should be vacuuming 3-5 times a week is amazing. It would seem that I’d be tearing up my carpet if I were to run the vacuum over it that much.

  • I always have a hard time getting my carpets looking good after Winter, and I have no idea what I can do in order to do this. That being said, I really appreciate you talking about this and giving me some great new ways I can best freshen up my carpet. I’ll make sure I remember this once Spring rolls around.

  • Like most people, springtime is the time for my family to do a huge cleaning. I don’t know what more I can do with my carpets other than vacuum them. I’m going to try and apply that Scotchgard Protector that you recommend. Thanks!

  • Great tip to regularly vacuum. You may not think after a week your carpet needs it but each week adds up so it’s best to take care of it as often as you can. Thanks for sharing!

  • My carpet has a few stains and things in it, and I’m not sure how to go about getting them up. That being said, I really appreciate you letting me know that using a steamer is a great way to get stains and unwanted things out of a carpet. I’ll have to look into buying one soon, and see how much it helps out. Thanks a ton for sharing this with me.

6 Ways To Freshen Up Your Carpets For Spring

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