7 Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Boys Aged 6-9

Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Boys

Easter is almost here, but I have been stumped about what to put in my son’s Easter basket. He is now nine years old.  Filling an Easter basket for a boy is not easy. Of course he would be thrilled to find his basket filled with candy, however, I try to limit the amount of sweets he consumes because let’s face it, candy isn’t healthy. So, I brainstormed to come up with some things that boys in his age group might like to find in their Easter baskets. The following is a list of non-candy, Easter basket gift ideas for boys in the 6-9 year old range. Your son(s) will be thrilled to find one, or several of these items inside.

1. BooksBooks make great gifts. Books on any topic he is interested in will do. His reading skills will improve, and he will absorb knowledge concerning subjects he is into.

2. Army Men – Almost all boys play with, and collect army men. They can have hours of fun setting them up, and playing General. The little green figures are classics, and have been around for a long, long time.

3. Hot WheelsHot Wheels model cars are always a big hit with boys. 

4. Trading Cards – Most boys this age are into trading cards.  There are all kinds of cards to trade ranging from all different sports to characters like Pokémon.  Kids love to collect and trade them with their friends.

5. Lego’s – These building blocks are the perfect present for that budding architect, or future construction worker. They can build all kinds of cool stuff, and it helps them learn about planning and problem solving.

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6. Comic Books – A lot of boys are into Iron Man, Superman, and all the other super heroes. Comic books are great for collecting, and will help them with reading and artistic skills.

7. Insect Home – Boys and bugs often go hand in hand. They can catch, keep, and learn about all types of insects with an ant farm or butterfly habitat. It’s a great idea for the scientist inside every boy. This is one of the best Easter basket ideas for older boys in particular. Easter basket ideas for boys

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  1. Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Return of the Padawan
  2. Packs of Pokemon Trading Card Game Booster Packs
  3. Hot Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack
  4. Deluxe Bag of Classic Toy Green Army Soldiers
  5. LEGO Creator Thunder Wings 31008
  6. Toysmith Ant Universe Educational Kit
  7. Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

These are just a few ideas. Sure, chocolate will taste great for a few seconds, but then it will be gone. These non-candy Easter basket ideas for boys are things that your boys will treasure for quite some time.

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What other Easter basket ideas for boys do you have?

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  • DEFINITELY those trading cards. Pokemon is INSANE these days with kids. Who would have thought those silly things would come back!

7 Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Boys Aged 6-9

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