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7 Free Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

7 Free Ways To Celebrate Mothers Day

Mother’s Day celebration ideas do not have to be costly or extravagant.  There are a surprising number of free ways to celebrate mother’s day while honoring your mom in a truly unforgettable way.  Following are several ways to show that you value the woman who brought you into this world without having to spend beyond your means.

1.  Cook For Your Mother

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to prepare your mom a feast.  Cook her a full-course meal and serve her with the same attention to detail that she used when serving you throughout the years.  This means setting the table the way that she likes to have it set, cooking her favorite foods and creating the ideal ambiance.  You can bring flowers for the table from your garden or hand-make an attractive centerpiece.  When the meal is complete, clear the dishes away and wash them.  You can host this dinner at her house or your own.  You can even honor her cooking skills by taking advantage of a few of her old, favorite recipes.

2.  Give Her Home A Deep Clean

Surprise your mother by giving her house a deep cleaning.  Wipe down all surfaces, wash old linens and take care of the minor repairs that she’s been putting off.  This can include cleaning her garage, replacing burned out light bulbs and dusting any areas that she can’t easily reach.   You can also wash her car inside and out, clean her carpets or tidy up her landscaping.  She will appreciate your labors for many months to come.

3.  Create A Photo Album Filled With Of All Her Favorite Memories

Take some time to put together a few of your mother’s favorite photos.  You can create a digital photo album for your mother or handcraft one that contains old poems, cards and artwork as well as pictures.  This is an activity that you can get the whole family in on.

4.  Write Your Mother A Poem

It is never too late in life to write your mother a poem.  Mom’s love it when their little ones bring home handmade presents for Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately, however, when kids grow up, these sentimental treats stop coming.  Use your best stationary and your creative skills to list all of the reasons why you’re grateful that you have the mother that you have.

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5.  Take Your Mom On A Picnic

Rather than cooking for your mom indoors, take advantage of the bright, spring weather and plan a picnic for her.  Pack her favorite treats and take her to an open, airy space with breathtaking views.

6.  Get Everyone Together For A Potluck

Have each of your siblings cook a favorite dish of your mother’s and get everyone together for a family potluck.  Your mom will love being able to see all of her children and grandchildren gathered together in her honor.  Plan to play board games, reminisce over old photos and watch all of your favorite home movies.

7.  Listen To Her Reminisce

Sometimes your undivided attention is the best gift that you can give.  Adult children are often  so busy living and managing their own lives that they forget to tune into their parents from time to time. Thus, whether you chose to host a potluck, a picnic or clean your mom’s home for Mother’s Day, make sure that you also spend some time actively listening to her talk about her life, her hopes and her memories.  Active listening is one of the best, free ways to make a mom feel special.

How will you be celebrating mother’s day this year?

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