7 Fun Things To Do After Thanksgiving Dinner

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Every holiday has a tradition which is often followed year after year. Thanksgiving, for instance, is not over until the family gets together to enjoy a meal together. Many families have also made it a tradition to watch football games together after dinner. There are many other things to do after thanksgiving dinner which can add meaning to the holiday. The following are examples of fun things to do after thanksgiving dinner:

1. Playing Board Games

Before the guests arrive for thanksgiving dinner, lay out some board games where they can easily be seen. As guests arrive, they will notice and make a point to play the game after dinner.

2. Watch a Movie

Dim the lights and turn on the home theater system to create a great atmosphere for watching a movie which most of you have not yet watched. Make sure the movie is suitable for family viewing before playing it. After all, you do not want those awkward moments when kids start asking what certain words they hear mean.

3. Volunteer

While you may be lucky enough to have good health, a roof over your head and a family that loves you, some people don’t. There are people who will be spending the night alone in hospitals and homeless people who will be sleeping in homeless shelters or in the streets. After dinner, you can take your family to volunteer at the local shelter or soup kitchen to serve meals. If you know one or two people undergoing treatment or recuperating at the local hospital, you can prepare extra food and take it to them. Be sure to make the necessary arrangements with the hospital first.

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4. Make a Family Scrapbook

When inviting relatives and family friends over for thanksgiving dinner, ask them to come with their favorite family photos. After dinner, give each of your guests patterned paper, colored cardstock, scissors, pens, stickers and glue sticks. Each guest should make a scrapbook page and write the memory they associate with that photo as well as their name. Once done, the pages should be added to a family album.

5. Host a Talent Show

If your kids or guests can play an instrument, sing, juggle, dance, recite a poem or quote Shakespeare, you can invite them to perform in the living room after dinner. Be sure to have prizes or trophies to give the winners.

6. March in a Thanksgiving Parade

Many families will be heading outdoors after thanksgiving dinner. If there will be a thanksgiving parade in your neighborhood, consider joining the parade together with your guests. Alternatively, you can watch a parade.

7. Give Thanks

The main objective of thanksgiving is to give thanks for all the blessings you have. After dinner, have a thanksgiving session. Give your guests a chance to say what they are thankful for. However, this should be a voluntary session, so no pressure should be put on guests.

What does your family do after Thanksgiving dinner?

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7 Fun Things To Do After Thanksgiving Dinner

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