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7 Movies To Watch On Independence Day

7 Movies to watch on Independence Day

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Most Americans celebrate Independence Day by engaging in fun group activities such as outdoor barbecue parties, road trips, visiting relatives, and friends, or simply relaxing at home with their loved ones while watching a movie that celebrates this day. Speaking of movies, here are seven movies to watch on Independence Day:

Independence Day

There is no better way to kick start Fourth of July celebrations than with a rerun of this 1996 blockbuster. If you are rolling your eyes at the thought of watching this film for the umpteenth time, relax because Fox is just about to release a sequel to the original called “Independence Day Resurgence”. Its story line revolves around the earth’s nations have come together to protect themselves from alien attacks. Movie buffs will be pleased to know Dean Devlin, who produced the original blockbuster, has taken up the same role alongside Harald Kloser and Roland Emmerich.

Apollo 13

The space race stoked patriotism among Americans and memories of this gilded era still arouse similar feelings. With this in mind, order Apollo 13, grab the popcorn and put up your feet to relive the story of Commander Jim Lovell’s, played by Tom Hanks, exploits. For outer space buffs, this movie is likely to elicit a few tears.


Sylvester Stallone starred in Rocky at his prime pulling off a memorable portrayal of a boxing champion hurtling unwittingly headlong into the fight of his life. When it comes to movies revolving around the American Dream, Rocky Balboa does not disappoint.

The Patriot

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Controversies on historical inaccuracies aside, The Patriot is one of the best films to watch on Independence Day. It is based on the American Revolution and many critics agree that Mel Gibson gave one of his finest performances on the set of this film.

Jurassic World

Dinosaurs have captured the imagination of humans like no other pre-historic creature. If you have been too busy to watch the latest installment of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster, July Fourth is the perfect time to do so. Like the original, Jurassic World revolves around dinosaurs raised and kept on a group of islands somewhere in the Caribbean.

Terminator: Genisys

Fans of the Terminator will be pleased to know he is back as he promised. In this film, a Terminator guardian, Kyle Reese, and John Connor’s mother Sarah must find a way of preventing the dreaded Judgment Day even though they happen to be living in an altered timeline.

Live Free or Die Hard

This movie’s storyline revolves around a sinister group hell bent on bringing revolutionary change to the US. The only hurdle between them and this nefarious goal is John McClane. It is up to McClane to ensure the American Dream does not end up as a historical fact.

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