7 Things I Really Hate About Autumn

Anyone who knows me knows that summer is my favorite month. The warmer weather and long sunny days just make me happy. When fall rolls around, I literally start getting depressed, because I know that winter, which is my least favorite season is rapidly approaching. While there are many things I like about autumn, like the beauty of the leaves as they change colors, apple picking, and getting the chance to wear fashionable boots, there are quite a few things that I dislike. Here is a list of 7 things I hate about autumn.

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1.   Pumpkins, pumpkins Everywhere. What is up with pumpkin spice everything? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some pumpkin pie, but do we really need pumpkin spice marshmallowsand M&M’s? I just say no to pumpkin spice foods!pumpkin-spice-latte-mm's2. Everything’s dying. Seeing all the flowers dry up and the leaves falling off of the trees is pretty depressing.

Trees losing their leaves for autumn

3. Raking up the never-ending pile of leaves. It seems like as soon as we rake up the leaves, more magically appear, or someone jumps on the pile.


4. Ending of daylight savings time. I hate that it gets dark at like four in the afternoon and hate that it’s dark when I wake up in the morning. At least we get an extra hour of sleep on November 1st.

Alarm clock

5. Crazy temperature swings. I have to say that the extreme changes in temperatures this time of year are tough to get used to. Waking up to frigid 30-degree weather and then having the temperature rise 30-40 degrees a few hours later makes it confusing as to how to dress for the day.

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6. Everyone getting sick. Somehow every year without fail, we all get sick in the fall. I guess it has something to do with those changing temperatures.

This woman has a cold.

7. Having to wear real shoes. I’m a flip-flop and Birkenstocks kind of girl and hate having to transition into wearing socks and shoes. I like my toes to be free! Flip Flops!

What about you? What do you love or hate about autumn?

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7 thing I really hate about autumn

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  • Seeing the leaves fall off trees is actually one of the things I love about Autumn. I don’t think it’s depressing because it has to happen once a year – it’s the trees getting ready for new life. It’s really a beautiful thing.

  • I hear ya on a number of these things, although I admit to being a sucker for the pumpkin spice flavor. People do look at me crazy though when I insist on wearing flip flops into November and even beyond.

  • 7! 7! 7! I hate wearing closed toe shoes too. I am also a flip flop and Birkenstock kind of girl. Great minds 😉

  • Love — making soup, bread, stews, roasting vegetables, apples, homemade caramel, Thanksgiving.

    Don’t love — saying goodbye to the summer harvest — sweet summer Corn, Jersey tomatoes, fresh picked kale, fragrant basil, sweet watermelon.

  • It always pains me when the Pumpkin Spice starts showing up everywhere, and then I have to put my flip flops away, too. It’s not fun. The only silver lining is being able to rock my riding boots for the fall.

  • I’m the opposite. I love fall and winter and really enjoy the cooler, darker days (the colder the better!) I know, I’m in the minority on this. My husband tells me I’m wired all wrong, LOL. However, I DO totally miss my flip-flops once the summer season is over.

7 Things I Really Hate About Autumn

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