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Arthur’s Nose by Marc Brown: A Review

Arthurs-NoseIt’s always great to have a children’s book that in a way goes back in time to the early life of a character that is much loved. Arthur has been the highly lovable, recognizable character in the Arthur series of books by Marc Brown. However, in Arthur’s Nose, readers get to see a whole different Arthur. This book goes back in time to Arthur in the first grade, and tells a story that most children will relate to.



Arthur’s Nose by Marc Brown is the story of Arthur and his quest to find a new nose. Arthur is in the first grade and he doesn’t like his nose very much. He visits doctors and tries on many different noses, but he can’t seem to find one that really fits him. In the end, Arthur decides to keep his own nose, realizing that it is his long nose that makes him unique – set apart from all the rest.

In Arthur’s Nose, Arthur is an aardvark and looks a long way different from the character we see in more recent Arthur books that most children are familiar with. Z.E.N. kept saying that this was not Arthur! In fact, this is one of the earlier books in the series. In the later installments, it seems that Arthur’s nose has been changed, as he is illustrated to look for human-like, with a smaller nose.

A Prequel to All the Arthur Books

The great thing about this book is that it is the back story of the lovable Arthur. While most books depict Arthur already in the third grade, this book is Arthur in the first grade. He looks different, and the rest of the illustrations in the book are a different take on what is normally seen in the rest of the books. It’s very obvious that this book was one of the earlier books by Marc Brown.

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Great Life Lessons

Arthur’s Nose is a great way to tackle the topic of being true to oneself – something that all children should appreciate early on in life. Most children will be able to relate to the feeling of wanting to change something about them just to fit in. But Arthur teaches kids that it is what makes them different that makes them special. It teaches lessons of acceptance and finding happiness in what is already theirs.

A Great Book For Early Readers

This book features very few words in each spread, making it a great book for beginning readers. However, you can’t doubt the fact that Arthur books are a no-fail amusement for children and having one in your child’s bookshelf is a great investment. With its simplicity, unique illustrations, and a story that has depth beyond what can be seen, it is truly a book to treasure.

Product Details:

Reading level: Ages 4-8

Hardcover: 40 pages

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; 25 Anv edition (April 1, 2001)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0316118842

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  • We have the original Arthur’s Nose book and we didn’t know that it was the same Arthur as from the series. Thanks a bunch, I can’t wait to tell my daughter, she asks that question every time we read it! =)