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Best Life Ingredients To Fuel An Active Life

Do you have a super active life and feel like you’re always juggling? I do. As a busy mom, wife and owner of a small business it sometimes feels like there’s never enough hours in the day. It has become obvious that an active mind needs a healthy body in order to meet the rigors and adventures of each day. It all starts with recognizing the need for balance along with healthy life ingredients to fuel my body with the right nutrients and energy needed to power me through the day.

One of my ingredients for a happy life is spending time with family.

I had a health scare last year that motivated me to research what I had to do to protect my health. I learned the food I eat can have a direct impact on my physical health, energy level and even my mood. I simply had to start paying attention to what I ate.

I learned to eat foods from all the food groups, without taking in too much sugar, fat, alcohol or salt, and yet eating enough calories to keep a healthy weight. I learned how important it is to eat nutrient rich foods. Choosing foods that provide steady energy helps me keep my body healthy and my mind charged.

I eat a lot of salads now.  This cabbage and kale blend with dried cranberries and low fat poppyseed dressing is one of my favorites.

I found it interesting to learn about the impact of food on my mental energy. The brain is always active, and it needs more energy than any other cells in the body. I discovered the best way to keep my brain fueled is to eat at regular intervals and to have healthy snacks every 3-4 hours.

So now, I do my brain a favor by kick starting every day with a quick workout. I then blend up a delicious green juice full of healthy ingredients and eat a well-balanced breakfast containing both healthy carbohydrates and a boost of protein. The proteins in snacks I eat during the day also helps provide important chemicals to keep my brain active. Tyrosine, an amino acid found in healthy snacks such as nuts, beans and dairy products, helps energize my brain. Another substance found in dairy products such as cheese is called tryptophan. It produces a brain chemical called serotonin which has a calming effect of my entire being.

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Cheese and crackers.  My favorite snack.

Because of this, cheese is my snack of choice. I love to pair up some low fat Alpine Lace® Swiss Cheese with an apple or some crackers.

Alpine Lace believes a healthy and active body and a healthy mind work together. Their cheeses are a good source of the protein I need throughout the day. When I get through the day, I have more time to play and to explore the city I love. Eating the right way has never been easier for this mom with a super active life.

My favorite view of #NYC, my hometown.

Thank you to Alpine Lace for sponsoring this post and helping me find a balanced snack to fuel my day!

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How do you balance your active life?

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