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Creating New Back to School Traditions

BackToSchool with Tiny Prints (2) While I don’t remember having many back to school traditions, there was one tradition that my sisters and I always looked forward to.  Every year as summer came to an end, my dad would take us to the South Street Seaport in New York City for lunch.  This outing was usually the highlight of our summer, it was also a sad reminder that school would be starting soon.

I also remember that on the first day of school, one of my parents would take the day off from work so that they could walk us to school and pick us up at the end of the day.  Because both of my parents worked, the fact the they took a day off from work made us feel special.

Since Z.E.N. is entering kindergarten, we do not yet have any back to school traditions of our own, but we certainly want to create some.

On the first day of school, I plan on making pancakes for Z.E.N., which are his favorites.  I also plan on giving him a back to school greeting card to let him know that going back to school is a special occasion and to let him know that he will be missed while he is away at school. I particularly like this blank card from Tiny Prints (make sure you check out all of the back to school offerings on the Tiny Prints web site).  I love the sentiments on the front.  Then of course, I will take pictures of him modeling his backpack, and school uniform as we get ready to leave the house. Finally, I plan on surprising him with a special treat when he gets out of school.  I haven’t decided yet, but I’m thinking of taking him to our local ice cream parlor.  He will sure get a kick out of that.

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So there you have it. The beginnings of our family’s back to school traditions.  What are your back to school traditions?

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  • Oh, I am so impressed with all the things you’re doing to make ZEN’s first day of school special. What a lucky boy to have a cool mom like you!

    • Thank You! I think most of it is for me! Pancakes and ice cream will definitely help to ease my anxiety about him going to school full time.

    • That’s sounds like fun!. It seems that ice cream is a very popular back to school idea.

  • Lololol…if you were a bee on my wall last night! The guys were all reminding me of how “crazy” I get for the first week of school…Apparently it is their tradition to watch me go bonkers! Lol… but on a nicer vote, the morning of is not too hilighted (too busy going crazy I guess!) But the afternoons are. I always leave work early just to be home snd get all the great “hilights”…its important to know what made them smile that special day!