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20+ Creative Turkey Leftover Recipes

It’s not quite Thanksgiving, but you know the drill: Turkey, turkey, everywhere! The same ol’ turkey sandwich gets boring after a while, so what’s a gal to do with the leftovers? I’m glad you asked!turkey leftover recipes

If you have no room in the freezer and a lot of leftover turkey, there are many places that you can find inspiration. Sure, you could always make turkey soup, but why not try something different?  There are tons of ways that you can use leftover turkey.  You can make sandwiches, turnovers, and more.

Here is a list of some great recipes for leftover turkey that showcase many ways you can bring something new to the table when it comes to serving turkey leftovers.

 Turkey Recipes

1. Turkey Chili

2. Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches

3. Rosemary Turkey Pockets

4. Creamy Garlic and Herb Turkey Appetizers

5. Turkey Bolognese

6. Coconut Lime Turkey and Rice Soup

7. Turkey and Mushroom Rolls

8. Turkey Tomato Curry

9. Turkey Paella With Lemon-Smoked Paprika Aioli

10. Garlicky Tortellini Soup

11. Turkey Wild Rice Curry Salad

12. Baked Turkey Croquettes

13. Leftover Turkey Pho

14. Wheat Berry and Smoked Turkey Salad

15. Chipotle Turkey Wrap

16. Individual Turkey Pot Pies

17. Sweet and Spicy Turkey Curry Soup

18. Turkey Enchiladas

19. Turkey Noodle Soup

20. Turkey Porridge

21. Turkey Lentil Stew

22. Turkey Tacos

Stuffing Recipes

23. Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing Balls

24. Turkey Stuffing Cups

25. Leftover Turkey Turnovers

26. Stuffing Frittata Bites

27. Stuffing Meatballs

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28. Thanksgiving Casserole

29. Stuffing Frittata

30. Stuffed Mushrooms

What’s your favorite leftover turkey recipe?

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