Disney Pixar’s Brave: Feisty and Fearless

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After seeing the commercial for Disney Pixar’s Brave many, many times on television, I was delighted to be invited to attend an advance screening.  Z.E.N. was excited too, because he just loves going to the movies!

If you are into fiery redheads, bows and arrows, and a whole lot of fun and adventure, then Disney Pixar’s latest offering, Brave, is sure to be a delight and tickle your fancy. While it has been years since Pixar’s fist movie Toy Story came out, Brave, being the nth movie in their list of offerings, is still nothing short of amazing. The computer graphics and almost life-like images you see on-screen are always something worth celebrating and it is what makes Pixar always such a delight on screen. This amazing technology that brings stories to life, coupled with a good plot and a story you’ll remember, is the formula that makes Brave quite a worthwhile film.

Brave is the story of young princess Merida, a beautiful, strong-willed young lady who’s life revolves around riding her beloved horse Angus, and practicing archery.    However, things are threatened to change when her mother Queen Elinor tells her that it is time for her to marry in order to keep the kingdom united and maintain peace in the land. The queen arranges for many different clans to come to a gathering in the hopes of finding a potential suitor for the young Merida.

Merida being the free spirit that she is, is not the least bit happy with this arrangement. Merida and her mother get into a heated argument that leads to the queen attempting to burn her bow and Merida tearing up the family tapestry. Merida then runs off to the woods and comes across a witch, who gives her a spell to supposedly help change her fate. Instead, the spell causes Queen Elinor to turn into a bear. As a result, Merida has to find a way to fix all the problems she has caused or else her bear-mom will remain a beast forever. To top it all off, she must also find a way to change her fate and get herself off the path of an unwanted marriage.

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The film remains true to the classic style of Disney movies in that it incorporates good morals and values into a story that also has generous helpings of humor and oldster jokes. I love that Pixar’s movies are not just geared toward kids.  They seem to appeal to people of all ages and this movie in particular definitely kept my interest.

What’s great about this particular Pixar film is that the story isn’t about someone trying to save the world, or a girl finding her prince; it’s about a young heroine who has to figure out how to reverse all the trouble she has caused and bring things back to order, all while going on a journey of self-discovery and improvement. Z.E.N. and I both found the movie to be pretty entertaining and enjoyable.

Disney Pixar Brave  Movie Trailer
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Disney Pixar’s Brave: Feisty and Fearless

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