Do It Yourself Cork Coasters

Everyday after Z.E.N. finishes his homework, he heads to the living room, curls up with a book and reads for a bit. The problem is, he also brings a drink along and sometimes places his cups on the tables without a coaster. When I noticed this was happening, I went to grab a coaster but couldn’t find one.  Now I know we have coasters in this house.  I purchased them myself, but I have no idea where they have all disappeared to. I didn’t want to spend anymore money on buying coasters, so I decided to make some do it yourself cork coasters myself after seeing these cute stenciled coasters on Pinterest.

Check out how I made my coasters below:


supplies for do it yourself cork coaster

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I thought the coaster rounds I purchased were a little too flat so I used two rounds per coaster.  I adhered the rounds together using the tacky glue. I waited for the glue to dry and then I got to work with stenciling.

I positioned the adhesive stencil on the coaster round and pressed down firmly to make sure it was on firmly. Then I used the paint marker to create the design.

When I was done with the design I let the paint dry and then pulled off the stencil.

do it yourself coasters and paint marker

Next, I used the paint marker to paint the edge of a few of the coasters and voila! My cute do it yourself coasters were done and ready for use!

DIY cork coasters

What I love about this little diy project is the fact that you could make this your own using the stencil and paint colors of your choice.

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do it yourself cork coasters


For more Pinterest Remakes, here are a few of my favorite bloggers:

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Do It Yourself Cork Coasters

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