Where to Find and Join Class Action Lawsuits?

Years ago when I was in my teens, my parents and I happened to come across a yard sale when we were visiting relatives in Connecticut.  I was left free to roam and browse as I pleased and then it happened.  I spotted something that I just had to have.  It was a Kodak Instant Camera.  It looked like this, and they were selling it for only $2.

Kodak EK4 Instant Camera - join class action lawsuits

I ran to my mom to show here what I found.  I had seen polaroid instant cameras before, but I had never seen an instant Kodak camera before. After consulting with the owners as to whether it worked or not (it did), my mom allowed me to buy it.

I had lots of fun with that camera.  It worked really well.  Some say it was better than than the Polaroid, but my fun came to an end a few years later.  Polaroid decided to sue Kodak for patent infringement and they won.  Because of this, Kodak had to stop selling these cameras as well as the film that these cameras used.

This effectively made the camera useless, so a class action lawsuit was filed.  In the end, Kodak was ordered to pay around $50 buck to everyone who was affected.

This was my first experience with class action lawsuits.

What is a class action lawsuit?

Also called “collective lawsuits”, class action lawsuits are lawsuits that are filed against a company or organization by a group of people if all of them are dissatisfied by a product/service offered by that company. In these, a large number of people hire an attorney or a set of attorneys to battle for their interests. If the case is proven successfully, several thousands of dollars may be awarded in claims. The amount left after the deduction of legal costs is split amongst the claimants.

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How can you find and join class action lawsuits?

Class action suits are filed all the time for all types of products and services. How can you stay in the loop to find out if you are eligible for a cash payment as part of a class action?  You just have to know where to look!

I had recently heard about a Facebook class action settlement.  As I was doing some research about it, I stumbled across the site ClassActionRebates.com.  They list all of the current list class action settlements claims right on their site and also provide the information you need in order to file a claim.  What’s even better, the site is totally free, so I had to share this info!

As I browsed through their list, I found a few class actions that I was eligible to join, and it only took a few minutes to file claims for them.  While these settlements are usually pretty low, I still join class action lawsuits, because for me, every dollar counts!

Have you ever filed for a class action settlement?

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  • I have not every filed. It seems that the ones I have been eligible for, just take too much work to get such a small amount back.

  • I have participated (is that the right word?) in a class action suit before. But its always been for little things like cereal.

  • I never participated in a class action law suit. I heard, although they pay a lot, that there are so many people, that you don’t always get much. But you’re right, every dollar counts!

  • We actually just got something in the mail about one of these relating to our car. Apparently there’s a suit going on that would award each person affected with an extra year warranty to help with the faulty parts.

  • I’ve filed in a few. It’s not worth the trouble. Typically you get just a few bucks, or sometimes even just a d..ned discount coupon. And the paperwork is bothersome and sometimes impossible. For example, you’re asked to identify what store and how much you paid for soda pop years ago! Or maybe even expected to dig up a receipt as well.

    • Yeah, some are a pain. I don’t do those. I typically only do the ones that are easy and don’t require receipts. One exception. I just did one for securities (stocks) Had to fill out a lengthy form but the payout is pretty high so, totally worth it for me!

Where to Find and Join Class Action Lawsuits?

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