25 Duct Tape Crafts and Projects Even You Can Do

25 Duct Tape Projects Even You Can Do

A couple months ago, I came across a blog post where the blog owner created a ton of duct tape crafts and projects.  At the time, I thought it was such a cool thing to do. I had never thought of making anything out of duct tape, so I made a mental note to explore crafts made using duct tape.  It took me a while, but I finally got around to doing a little research about duct tape craft projects and I have learned quite a bit along the way.

One thing I learned is that when it comes to duct tape craft projects, crafting enthusiasts now have a wide range of creative choices. In the recent past, this thick and durable tape was only available in grey, which is pretty boring in my opinion. But now, duct tape is available in so many different colors and patterns.  It’s definitely not what it used to be.

Creative projects with duct tape include home decorations, fashion accessories, handbags, and even clothes. The possibilities for designs with colored duct tape are unlimited, and these kinds of projects are favorites among do-it-yourself crafters who like to make their own personalized items.

Duct tape projects can range from beginning to advanced levels in terms of difficulty, and crafters of all ages enjoy making their own creations with this durable tape. Other than a tape measure and scissors, few duct tape crafts require significant numbers of supplies. Due to this flexibility, creating with duct tape is quite easy for newcomers to craft projects.

So why not try some of these projects yourself?  I’ve compiled a list of 25 great duct tape crafts and projects that just about everyone can do.  Check them out and have fun doing them!

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25 Duct Tape Crafts

1. Patio Pillow

2. Printed Hair Bows

3. Neck Tie

4. Covered Notebook

5. Wallet

6. Toy Suitcase

7. Feathers

8. Canvas Art

9. Duct Tape Flower Pens

10. DIY Envelopes

11. Pencil Case

12. Clutch

13. Fashionable Bow Ring

14. Messenger Bag

15. Feather Earrings

16. Flip Flops

17. Key Wristlet

18. Cell Phone Case

19. Zebra Mask

20. Rolled Bead Bracelet

21. Wall Art

22. Shoes

23. Duct Tape Beads

24. Beautiful Flower

25. Purses

Looking for even more DIY duct tape projects and craft ideas.  Check out these books which feature tons of craft ideas.

What’s your favorite Duct Tape Project?

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  • I think Duct Tape is one of the most useful products created by humans! Seriously, they can be put to so many uses. I’m definitely going to try some of the projects you’ve listed.

  • Today, though, duct tape comes in a rainbow of vivid colors and striking designs that make it interesting to craft everything from handbags to prom gowns and to upgrade all kinds of home decor accessories. Along with the newer Japanese paper tape (washi) and material tape, duct tape crafts are rolling into crafting spaces in a huge way. Introduce your girlfriends to the fun of duct tape crafting by inviting them over for a few hours to update an old vase, mirror or picture frame, or to craft something completely new, making use of the things in our slide show for inspiration.

25 Duct Tape Crafts and Projects Even You Can Do

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