Easy DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree Decorations

The Christmas season has officially begun, so I really need to get my butt in gear and get to work on making Christmas decorations.  While flipping through a magazine the other day I saw these really cool DIY tabletop Christmas trees.  I really liked how they looked and they seemed pretty easy to make, so I set off finding the materials so that I could make them myself.

DIY Tabletop Christmas trees

DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

Supplies needed:

  • small pots or mini galvanized buckets
  • floral foam block
  • an old book
  • bamboo skewers
  • scissors

I didn’t have any small pots at the time so I took a trip to my local Wal-Mart and found the mini galvanized buckets as well as the floral foam block in the gardening aisle.

First up, I placed the foam blocks inside of the buckets.

Then I got to work cutting different size squares from pages of the old book.  I cut several different sized squares ranging from big to small.  I cut out about 6 of each size.

Cutting out squares for DIY tabletop Christmas tree

I didn’t use a template and just cut them freehand since I  was not worried about making perfect squares because you really can’t tell once you put it all together.

Next, up, I took a skewer and started threading the little squares through the skewer.  I worked my way up from large to small.

Finally, I stuck the skewer into the foam block.

I really like how they came out.  I placed them on my console table right next to the advent calendar I made which I blogged about yesterday.

My Christmas console table

I’m guessing this would also be a great project for those looking for fireplace mantel ideas.

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Have you made any of your own Christmas decorations?  What have you made?

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Easy DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree Decorations

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