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What Families Can Expect At The Field Station Dinosaurs Attraction

Apatosaurus at Field Sation DinosaursDoes your child love dinosaurs? Then you should definitely take them to Field Station: Dinosaurs. Field Station: Dinosaurs is a family attraction that is fun for everyone. The work of artists, teachers and remarkable science make this world-class attraction come together perfectly for families. Anyone wishing to visit this unique attraction will find it to be educational, thrilling and lots of fun. This attraction has been created right at the base of a rock formation that is 150 million years old.

This is a Baryonyx Dinosaur

We recently visited this wonderful attraction as part of my Kids Club Thirteen Membership and really enjoyed it. First up, the location is great. It’s literally right off the New Jersey Turnpike, but you would never know it once you’re inside. The New Jersey meadowlands that makeup the backdrop for this attraction makes the whole experience seem so much more exotic. Inside this oasis, families will enjoy a total of thirty dinosaurs, which are all life-sized and realistic to make the experience very enjoyable. Also, families can expect to find the largest animatronic dinosaur that has ever been created. The Field Station sits on about 20 acres of land with plenty of woods to make the experience that much more interesting.

Z.E.N. posing with an Ankylosaurus

There are mountain trails, unpredictable woods and mysterious pathways around every corner. The scientists who have helped bring the attraction to life have ensured that all of the newest discoveries and theories in the geology and paleontology fields are represented in the Field Station. Various activities, games and workshops are what connect the current world and entire story of the dinosaurs in one location.

Z.E.N. and I posing with a Stegosaurus

Families can enjoy an expedition that takes them on a shared adventure that is full of surprise, mystery and so much more. There are many family activities that can be enjoyed at the Field Station. The Fossil Dig Site is one such activity that families can participate in. The Fossil Dig Site is filled with fossils that young paleontologists can dig up. The claws, bones, teeth and footprints of dinosaurs can be discovered at the Fossil Dig Site. This was Z.E.N’s favorite activity while we were there. He found a great fossil during his dig.

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Z.E.N. digging for fossils.

The T-Rex Feeding Frenzy is another activity in the Field Station Dinosaur attraction, and it’s an event that will have the entire family laughing. The Dinosaur Meet and Greet is another activity that is designed for the youngest in the family, and it’s an activity that gives the family an introduction to the dinosaur’s family life. The dinosaur at the meet and greet was so life like that many kids were actually scared. Z.E.N. got a little scared as it moved closer into the audience.

Avian Dinosaurs is another activity that any family will enjoy. It’s centered on bird watching because the meadowlands of New Jersey contain a whopping 270 different types of birds. These are just a few of the activities that families can enjoy at the Field Station Dinosaur Attraction, but there is much more that this destination has to offer.

This is a Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur

To learn more about Field Station: Dinosaurs, and to plan your trip please be sure to visit their website, and you can also visit them on Twitter and  Facebook too.

Disclosure: Kids Club Thirteen Membership was provided as part of their Ambassador Blogger program.

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