Family Fun At Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

Are you thinking of taking the entire family for a quick getaway? We love quick little weekend getaways and just discovered a great weekend getaway destination not too far away. Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark. This is the biggest outdoor water park in Pennsylvania and is located right in the heart of the picturesque Pocono Mountains. The park boasts of 37 fantastic rides, slides and attractions giving you and your family the adventure of a lifetime and the most memorable weekend getaway in Pennsylvania.

Areas to Explore at Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

We absolutely loved Pharaoh’s Phortress. Pharaoh’s Phortress is a massive four-story family water play structure that is sure to give you the grandest waterpark experience. We actually spent most of our time here. At Pharaoh’s Phortress, your kids can enjoy any of the eight water slides as well as its built-in four-story high tipping bucket. Z.E.N. loved the fountains and the tipping bucket. There are height requirement in effect in this area as well. Kids between 36”- 42” are only allowed to use the small slides, while kids and adults who are 42” or taller can use the large slides.


Pharaoh's Phortress at Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

Another great area for kids is the park’s family interactive playzone called Camel Cove. This area of the park features slides, swings, water mushrooms and all kinds of fun water gadgets. Most of the structures here are highly interactive allowing you to control the level of fun and excitement with various valves and levers. Take note that there are height requirements for certain slides in the Cove. Only those who stand more than 42 inches tall are allowed to go on all the slides. Also, if you are over 48″, you cannot be in this area, unless you are an adult accompanying a child.

Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

The Checkered Flag Challenge was a lot of fun. This is a huge eight lane slide. You lay on a mat and race down the slide head first. There is a little pool of water at the bottom of the pool that is very shallow so even younger kids can enjoy this one.

We took a ride on the Sulllivan Skyride and got a bird’s eye view of the park. This chairlift ride brings you up the mountain and then back down again. The views were absolutely stunning!

Sullivan Sky Ride at Camelbeach

View from the top of the mountain at Camelbeach

We also took a dip in Kahuna Lagoon. Kahuna Lagoon is basically a wave pool featuring big waves that flow throughout the pool. There is a height restriction in effect here and some children will need to wear a life jacket. Luckily, the park provides complimentary life jackets, so you don’t have to bring your own.

Kahuna Lagoon wave pool at Camelbeach

We went pretty early in the season so we didn’t try every ride because it was pretty cool and windy on the day that we were there, but there were lots more rides to choose from. Some of the other fun family rides to check out at the park include:

We truly had a great time!

Posing for the cameras at Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

Consider a visit to CBK Mountain Adventures

Those who crave for more thrill and excitement, can also visit CBK Mountain Adventures. We took a ride on the steel Mountain Coaster. Z.E.N was a little hesitant at first, but when we found out that there were no big drops and that you can actually control your own speed, we were relieved! I took a ride on the 1,000′ zip line as well. I was a little nervous when I got to the top, but once I actually started zipping down the mountain, I was fine. It was not scary at all.

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This is me on the mountain coaster at Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark.

I snapped this photo right before I zipped down on the 1000' zipline.

Is your family a bunch of outdoor lovers and enthusiasts? You might want to sign up for the park’s Treetops Adventure Courses to explore and experience the beauty of the Pocono Mountains. While you are here keep your eyes peeled for the occasional presence of bears, turkeys and deer. Keep in mind that it takes a few hours to complete the course, so plan your visit accordingly. There is definitely no other place that can give you the adventure, the thrill and the excitement of a lifetime like Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark.

The one thing I don’t love about CBK is the fact that you have to pay per ride.  Depending on the size of your family, this can get pretty pricey, especially if you want to ride more than once. 

5 Tips to make your visit to Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark more enjoyable

1.  If you want your own peaceful place to relax during your day at the waterpark consider renting a cabana.  During our visit we had the opportunity to stay in a cabana.  Our cabana was located in Pharaoh’s Phortress.  There are quite a few amenities included with a cabana rental including a locker to secure your personal items, a fruit basket in the morning, and a dessert tray in the afternoon.  There are 41 Cabanas available for rent at Camelbeach so make sure to put in your reservation early if you’re interested in renting one.

Cabanas at Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

2.  Life jackets are available for free throughout the amusement park but are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Complimentary life jackest are available throughout the park at Camelbeach water park

3.  Lockers, strollers, wheelchairs and lounge chair cushions are available for rent at Camelbeach on a first come, first served basis.

There are lots of lockers avialbel throughout the park at Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

4.  Save on ticket prices by purchasing either the Twilight Admission or the Bonus Admission.  The Twilight Admission allows you to enter the park 3 hours before closing (4 hours if you purchase online) at a discounted rate.  The Bonus Admission allow you to enter the park 3 hours before closing (4 hours if you purchase online) PLUS you can return the next day at a discounted rate.

5.  Food is sold through the park, but you can save by bringing your own.  You can’t actually bring outside food into the park, but you can pay to reserve a picnic table, or just pack a cooler and have lunch in the car.  Just be sure to have your hands stamped so you can re-enter the park.

Picnic area at Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

Ready to visit Camelbeach?  Be sure to check out their Facebook page to find the latest promotions and updates about the park.

Also, please be on the lookout for the new 453-suite Camelback Lodge & Indoor Waterpark due to open in Spring 2015.  The hotel will have a modern design and will feature a 125,000 square-foot indoor waterpark!  As a matter of fact, once it opens, it will be the largest indoor waterpark in the Northeastern US.   We can’t wait to check it out.  Learn more about the new hotel and indoor waterpark here.

*Thank you to Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark for providing us with complimentary admission and in-park accommodations.*

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Family Fun At Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

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