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Favorite Features Of My New Samsung Food Show Case Refrigerator

The reviewer (me) has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for freeSamsung French Door Showcase Refrigerator

Last month, we woke up one morning to find that our refrigerator was off.  My first thought was that we probably had a power outage, but upon closer look, I noticed that the clock on the stove was working just fine.  Hubby fiddled with the fridge and got it back up and running, but of course our faith in it had died.  We could no longer rely on it and realized that we would probably have to get a new fridge soon.  Just a few weeks later, Best Buy put out a call for a blogging project opportunity to review Samsung appliances.  when I saw that one of the appliances was a refrigerator.  I jumped on it!  A few weeks later I received an email stating that they would be sending me a new Samsung Food Showcase 27.8 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water to review!  We’ve had the fridge for a few weeks now and love it.  Check out some of its features:

Showcase Door

One of my favorite features of this fridge is the exterior showcase door.  Samsung’s Food Show Case refrigerators have two ways of opening. You can open it like a regular fridge, or you can open just the showcase door.  When you open the showcase door, you have easy access to the food you have stored on the door’s shelves.  This makes it easy to grab things like drinks and condiments. 


Metal cooling mechanism

There is a thin stainless steel panel on the inside of the showcase door labeled “Metal Cooling.”  One of the major problems with other refrigerators is that temperatures keep fluctuating even when they are fixed and  perfect refrigeration can be difficult to achieve. This panel helps to maintain consistent temperatures.DSC03959

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It saves energy

Many people do not understand that when the door is left open, the fridge consumes more energy despite the fact that the food items will not be refrigerated. However, you have nothing to worry about with regard to this because with this fridge, there is an alarm that warns you when the door is accidentally left open. This way, refrigeration becomes more efficient, especially when you consider the costs of energy. This fridge also features High-Efficiency LED Lighting.  We replaced most of the bulbs in our house because we found them to be brighter and way more efficient.  We were thrilled to learn that the fridge had LED bulbs.  It makes a lot of sense since LED bulbs also tend to drive less heat so they’re perfect for a refrigerator.

Movable shelves 

Have you ever come home from the grocery store, only to find that one of the items you purchased couldn’t fit on your refrigerator shelf because it was too tall?  It’s happened to us a lot.  This is why we absolutely love the movable shelves. The lower shelf on the right hand side slides inward to create more space, while the upper shelf on the left hand side can be folded up to create more space.


Easy access to water and ice

The in-door water dispenser and ice maker ensures that we have filtered water and crisp ice at the touch of a button. 


Other features include a power freezer option and touch screen controls which make it easy to use the product through simple operating controls. Simply put, this is a refrigerator that gives you greater control of everything that happens.

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  • Oh, that’s a BEAUTIFUL fridge! It would definitely encourage me to shop more to keep it filled with healthy food!! Ha!

  • I would love a fridge like this for my kitchen. I like that it has the temperature of the fridge on the outside. I have a hard time trying to get my temperature are the right level because I sometimes ruin my yogurt because the back of my fridge freezes things.

  • That would work out really well for me and my family. My husband is the type of person who will leave the fridge door open for 2-3 minutes while he’s putting groceries away, because he thinks it’s tedious to open and close the door repeatedly. He does the same thing when he is getting a lot of ingredients out for cooking. I would love it if we could only “half” open the door, and have quick access to milk, butter, and cheese.