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Fig Bars Make For The Perfect Snack

I have been trying hard to add more variety to my son’s lunchbox snacks.  I have been trying to avoid both snacks that are full of sugar or laden with salt.  Lucky for me, I recently learned about Nature’s Bakery fig bars.

I had never heard about fig bars before and wasn’t sure if Z.E.N. would like them, so I was so grateful that Nature’s Bakery partnered with me and sent me a sample pack of fig bars to try out in order to facilitate this review. Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. Fig bars are delicious, and Z.E.N. loves them!

Natures Bakery Fig Bar Sampler

Nature’s bakery fig bars are all-natural, kosher, and cholesterol-free. They are truly the perfect snack to help fuel you through life’s great journeys. They are low in calories but packed with flavor. Crafted with the freshest, most scrumptious ingredients, fig bars are available in a variety of mouth-watering flavors including strawberry, mango, lemon, whole wheat fig, peach apricot, vanilla fig, raspberry, and apple cinnamon. So far, Z.E.N.’s favorite is lemon.

I like the fact that Nature’s Bakery fig bars can be used as a meal replacement for those days when I am on the go.  And, as I mentioned above, they are also the perfect healthy snack.  They make a good choice for the lunch box, or as an after school snack.  I even packed a few in my carry on bag when I traveled to Florida because hey, we all know airport food is notoriously unhealthy, greasy and of low quality—not to mention annoyingly overpriced.

So If you’re in the market for a snacks that are healthy and delicious, consider trying Nature’s Bakery fig bars.  I think you’ll like them as much as we do! Also, be sure to check out Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar Fanatic page where you will find exclusive Nature’s Bakery content and opportunities

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Happy snacking!

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