Five Good Reasons Women Should Attend Car Shows

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For weeks you have seen the commercials on television. Your city’s annual auto show is on the horizon and you have thought about going, yet you hesitate. You wonder if you really want to be talked down to by smug salespeople who think that just because you are female you don’t know the difference between a backup camera and lane departure assistance.

In reality, those days are long gone, even at dealerships. Since the Great Recession, auto manufacturers have revamped the way that they approach women drivers and the presentations at major car shows are no exceptions. Here are five top reasons why you should visit your local car show.

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1. It is an Empowering Experience
Women account for approximately half of the auto purchases in the United States and influence the decisions on up to 80% of vehicles bought. What those statistics mean is that manufacturers are seeking your input. Manufacturers view car shows as the ideal time to obtain information on what drives sales, especially from you as a woman. Take advantage of responding to any research surveys and talk extensively to manufacturer representatives about your driving needs.

2. Great Place to Do Research
Are you in the market for a new vehicle? I am! Car shows are a great place to perform research, especially if you know your buying decision is six to 12 months away. You won’t have the “buy it now” pressure that you sometimes get at dealerships, plus you can look and try out multiple vehicles from different manufacturers at the same time, thereby narrowing down your ultimate decision. New models that may not be out on the market will be there too, to further entice you.

3. Excellent Family Outing
Most major car shows have interactive displays in which kids can participate. If you’re looking for a fun family event that doesn’t break the bank, this is it. You and your kids can experience theme park-like virtual reality at a fraction of the cost.

4. Explore Upcoming Technology
One of the main reasons that car shows run in different locations throughout the United States is to reveal upcoming technologies and prototypes to potential customers. Even if you’re not immediately in the market for a new vehicle, it’s still fun to explore features that could be in your family car five or even 10 years from now.

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5. You Need a Night Out
Whether it’s with your husband, your significant other or the whole family, car shows are empowering because they relieve the sameness of everyday life. There’s no pressure, no expectations and it’s simply fun. It doesn’t get any better than that.

As a matter of fact, SheBuysCars recently invited me and a guest to attend a Girls Night Out event to preview all of the fabulous cars being presented at the New York International Auto Show. I invited my sister and we had a blast at the event.

Girls Night Out at the New York International Auto Show

As part of the Girls Night Out Event, we had VIP access to a few different brands, namely Mazda, Genesis, and Toyota.

Last year I test drove a Mazda6 i Grand Touring> and really enjoyed it, so I was most interested to see what Mazda had to offer.

The Mazda Display at the New York International Auto Show

My sister immediately gravitated over to this sporty Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible, and she looked good inside

My sister checking out the Mazda Miata

I’m more of an SUV type of mama as I find them to be the perfect vehicle to haul Z.E.N to and from all of his extracurricular activities.  I was really digging this one.

Mazda CX-5

This MAZDA CX-5 is a crossover SUV. It’s basically a vehicle that is built on a car platform and combined the features of a sports utility vehicle. I like crossover vehicles because they handle more like a car than a big SUV/truck.

Did you know that Mazda is part of the Handbag Challenge at the NY Auto Show? handbagchallengeConsumers can win one of six Kate Spade designer handbags SheBuysCars is giving away during the show!  To enter to win, take a picture with a participating auto brand (Toyota, Mazda, Genesis, and Hyundai) and post it to social media using the hashtag #HandbagChallengeNYIAS. Enter to win from now until April 23rd at the New York International Auto Show! Good Luck!

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Five Good Reasons Women Should Attend Car Shows

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