Get In The Holiday Spirit With Family Holiday Movies

Get In The Holiday Spirit With Family

As soon as the holidays roll around, I always work a few family holiday movie nights into our advent calendar activities list. Having a family movie night is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and bond with those we hold near and dear. Of course, family holiday movies cut across a wide range of genres. Genres can include comedies, drama, romance and everything in between. There are even animated holiday movies that everyone from the youngest in your family, to the young at heart can enjoy. Importantly, the best holiday movies for a family movie night are not necessarily the most popular. Here are a few picks for great holiday movies:

Home Alone
This is our favorite holiday movie. When you combine the plight of an innovative 8 year old who is left to fend for himself on Christmas and some recently escaped (and not very bright) ex-cons, what you get is a whole lot of funny. The Home Alone movies (particularly parts one and two which star Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister) are undisputed Christmas classics. They are definitely a top pick if laughter is what you are after.

A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story is one of those movies that comes on every holiday, and one that we never tire of. Also a comedy (released in 1983) the main plot A Christmas Story tells of a young boy who goes by the name Ralphie Parker and his quest for the ultimate present which is a Red Ryder BB gun. The story charts Ralphie’s quest for this very special present, and uses many sub-plots (which highlight a series of hilarious events) to get there.

A Christmas Carol
Now who has not heard the story of Ebenezer Scrooge? This classic holiday character has been passed on through the generations with many adaptations across the decades. From the animated 1969 version, to modern day adaptations, this story is a holiday staple. It is an important reminder that we can all find it in our hearts to grow in love, kindness and forgiveness irrespective of how things may or may not have affected us in the past. I tried to watch this one with Z.E.N. when he was younger, but he thought it was a little scary.  We’ll try again this year!

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We saw this move for the first time last Christmas and can’t believe we waited so long to see it. This hilarious Christmas movie tells the tale of a young orphan child named Buddy who mistakenly crawls into Santa’s bag of gifts on Christmas Eve and winds up in the North Pole.  He is then raised as an elf. Years later Buddy realizes that he is not really an elf and goes on a journey to New York City to find his true identity.  What I like most about this movie are the lessons about kindness. 

Holiday Movies And Parental Guidance

As is often the case with most things that are shown on television, if young children are involved in the process, then some amount of parental guidance may be required. It is important that parents help the younger ones to understand and grasp the overarching themes and messages of the stories being told on screen. Doing so will not only add to the viewing pleasure, but will help ensure that the family bond remains close. Happy Holidays!

What is your favorite holiday movie?

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Get In The Holiday Spirit With Family Holiday Movies

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