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Eating Healthy Takeout

Eating healthy takeoutEating takeout food is a huge aspect of modern day living due to the increasing need for convenience in our lives. Certainly, there are many foods served in restaurants which are healthy, however, restaurant foods have this tendency of being rich in fat and servings are usually bigger as well. They dish up one temptation after the other which you would simply not want to have in your own kitchen. So, listed below are several tips that can help you to enjoy consuming takeout food, minus the guilty feeling.

Try not to order takeout delivery when you are very hungry. Have a light and nutritious snack a few hours prior to your meal, so you avoid getting tempted to devour everything that is in sight.

It is actually very easy for you to load up on nibbles like tortilla chips, crackers, etc., whenever you are very hungry. When ordering Chinese for instance, they sometimes have a free bag of prawn crackers. Although they are really tasty, you should try to avoid having these extras, since they can also give you those extra (excuse the pun) calories and fat.

Always have a light starter, such as a salad or soup. This way, you will be less likely to eat excessively later on throughout the course of your meal.

Never hesitate to ask for alterations or substitutions. Ask if you can have the dressings or sauces placed in a separate box; your vegetables served without the butter; and more vegetables rather than chips. There are actually many restaurants that are already doing this. All that you have to do is ask.

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Order fish, chicken or vegetables; rather than fattier and oilier meat dishes. Avoid thick and creamy sauces. Should you really want some of it, go for sauces which are tomato-based. Boiled or baked potatoes are always best over chips. You can also ask if you can instead have your food grilled rather than fried.

Always eat your food slowly. Savor your meal, together with the company (in case you are eating with someone). By eating slowly, you provide your body the time to send you the signals that it is already full and satisfied.

It would be best to skip the desserts, but in case you really have to have some, then order a low fat dessert such as a sorbet or, better yet, fruit. In case you wish to order a more indulgent dessert, always make sure that you do not finish it all and share.

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