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4 Untraditional Afterschool Activities for Childhood Health

Boy doing karate - © Lucky Dragon USA - Fotolia.comAre your children bored of soccer, cheerleading, and the other afterschool activities they have tried? Sometimes kids need a change of pace. This guide will suggest a few untraditional afterschool activities that will help your children network outside of their regular peer groups while learning special, unique skills – all while staying fit and learning about health.

Four Unusual Hobbies that Keep Kids Healthy

1. Youth Yoga

Did you know that children could practice yoga, too? This activity is popular with busy adults but even youngsters can learn about the respiratory system, the skeletal system, and the muscle groups with a few yoga books or classes. Children cannot do the advanced poses that adults can but the breathing exercises and easier stretches are perfect for anyone.

2. Self Defense Classes

Karate and boxing are popular childhood sports but some children just don’t find them interesting. A few weeks of self defense classes will provide just as much exercise, just as much confidence, and just as much knowledge about all the unique kids health needs. Self defense classes come in all types and sizes so perhaps your child will find a style he or she can build on. And of course, your child will know the invaluable art of self-defense.

3. Historical Reenactments

This one is untraditional because few people think of health when they think of history. Reenactments are actually a great source of physical activity because the kids have to practice outdoors, sometimes carrying heavy props. Whether you choose to involve your child in war reenactments or seasonal tributes to local heritage, your child will learn a lot while making friends and staying fit.

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4. Theater

Many public theaters are always happy to take volunteers for stage building and decoration. Kids can enjoy this hobby for years to come – youngsters often start painting and carrying supplies, before moving on to building simple objects and older kids can learn about electrical systems like lighting and sound. There is no end to the potential.

The best afterschool activities are those that promote social interaction, exercise, and learning all in one happy package. Fitness is a physical and a mental process; it takes both to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Are you excited about the possibilities? We hope your child is excited, too. What will your child try next? Finding the right activity is a matter of trial and error but even unsuccessful experiences are valuable, teachable moments.

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