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Highlights Of The Surface Pro 3

Highlights of the Surface Pro 3

The tablet world is more competitive than ever, so it’s always a big surprise when something new is released that actually stands out in the crowd. The Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft is one of the few tablets to really take the world by storm in recent years, and the tablet definitely has some fairly strong selling points.  I had been curious about this tablet as it is a hybrid tablet and PC and luckily, since I’m a member of the #MicrosoftBloggers team, Microsoft sent me one to review. This Surface Pro 3 review highlights why Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is definitely worth checking out. 

The Surface Pro 3 Is A Real Laptop Replacement

Since the release of the first Surface Pro, Microsoft has been incredibly clear that they intended the device not just as a major part of the tablet market but also as a competitor in the world of laptops. This is most easily seen in the fact that every Surface Pro 3 includes a case with a keyboard and track mouse, but the way that the device works really sets it apart from most tablet/PC hybrids. This is a real Windows 8 tablet PC, and those that are looking for a way to use a Windows computer have a great option in this device. I have to admit though that I am not a huge fan of Windows 8, but I have been slowly learning how to use it.

The Surface Pro 3 Has Great Specs

If you’re willing to look under the hood of the tablet, you’ll find some fairly impressive Surface Pro 3 specs. As a tablet that really seems to want to compete with high-end laptops, the device really does do a lot of work to make sure that it can show its pedigree. The laptop boasts an Intel i5 processor right now, with future models upgrading to an i7. The basic model has 64GB of storage (compared with the 16GB of a low-end iPad), and even runs on an impressive 4GB of RAM. These stats actually stand up very well with some of the higher-end laptops on the market, making the Surface Pro 3 one of the most cost effective devices on the market.

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The Surface Pro 3 Is A Family Friendly Tablet

Despite the heavy tech involved with the product, the Surface Pro 3 really is a very family friendly tablet. It’s incredibly easy to use both for those who have grown up with tablets and for those who are more used to laptops.  Despite the fact that it comes pre-installed with Windows 8, the interface is very easy to use since Windows 8 very much tuned towards tablet use. All of your favorite Windows applications are available on the tab, and its sturdy design is a great fit for most families. In fact, since I received the Surface Pro 3, it seems like Philip and Z.E.N. have taken it over.  I barely get a chance to use it!  This proves the point that this tablet really has something for everyone, whether it be an 8 year old kid who just wants to use apps, or a professional who needs to create professional documents or spreadsheets, which is a fantastic change in a market that always seems geared towards the tech-savvy.


Philip hard at work using the Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 is a great tablet for any user. Whether you want something to replace a laptop or netbook, a great productivity tool or just a speedy tablet for the family, it’s definitely a good option. The Surface Pro has gone from being a new face in the tablet game to a major contender for the best tablet of the year in just a few short iterations, and the Surface Pro 3 is proof positive that Microsoft knows what it is doing when it comes to manufacturing a great Windows-capable tablet PC for consumer use.

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