How to Declutter Your iPhone

I am so happy that spring is finally here! For some, the arrival of spring means spring cleaning.When it comes to spring cleaning, many people think about cleaning their homes, but there is more to spring cleaning than just cleaning your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. One area I’ve decided to focus on this spring is technology. Specifically, I will be decluttering my computers, my iPad and my iPhone. In this post I will be focusing on how to declutter your iPhone.

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How to Declutter Your iPhone

Having too many apps is one of the reason that I needed to declutter my iPhone. While apps offer an increase in potential convenience and productivity, having too many of them on board can actually clog up access to the things you really need in order to do your job and live your life. Here are a few ideas which can help you decide how to declutter your iPhone and be more productive.

Get rid of the apps you don’t use.

Of course it is easy to suggest getting rid of things, but it is not always easy to decide which ones you should get rid of. I took my time going through each app. There were apps on my phone that I never used! Those apps were the first to go. Then I checked for apps that served the same purpose. For instance, I had two weather apps.&n For these, I had to decide which one to keep. I opened each app to determine which one I liked better. There were some apps that were duplicative that I did decide to keep though because each of them had a feature that made them unique.

Use folders to organize your apps by category.

Organizing apps in folders has been one of the best things I ever did. Instead of having to scroll through pages of apps, I can see all my apps on one page. Having them all on one page makes it easier to find what I need very quickly.

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Move photos and videos off of your phone.

Photos and videos can take up a LOT of space on your phone.  As I was going through my photo stream I found so many photos that were not worth keeping. Delete those photos you don’t need and move the ones you want to keep to your computer or to a cloud based storage service.

Clean out your contacts list.

Chances are you have outdated phone numbers, addresses and email addresses in your contacts list. Take the time to delete contacts who are no longer relevant and update the ones that are.

Get rid of old Voicemail messages.

If you’ve already listened to a voicemail message, there is no reason to keep it. Get rid of it!

Delete old text messages.

Chances are you have old text messages on your phone. Unless an old text holds some sort of sentimental value, delete it!

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How to Declutter Your iPhone

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