How to Preserve Summer Vacation Memories

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Many people look forward to summer as it gives them a chance to travel and to create those unforgettable summer vacation memories. Whether you are traveling alone, with the family, or with a few friends, it is always fun to preserve travel memories and a travel journal should be among the items you pack for your trip.

These travel journal ideas can help you to make the most of recording those precious memories:

1. Of course, you need a journal. You can make a simple one like I did last year, or you can buy one. I really like this one [affiliate link] because it contains prompts to make sure you don’t forget a thing! Your local bookstore probably has a wide selection of blank journals. They come in a range of designs and styles, so choose the one you like, whether it is with patterns or bright colors on the front, or a journal covered in cloth. The size of the journal is also a consideration; you may be better off carrying a smaller journal to fit in your purse or pocket if you use it occasionally, or a larger one if you don’t mind carrying it around with you. The weight of the journal is also a consideration.

2. It may be hard to believe, but a few years from now, you may not be able to recall all those summer vacation memories, making it that much more important to record as many details as possible. Your journal should include the following:

  • The dates of your trip.
  • Where you stayed, hotel names or people’s names, as well as the name of the city and country.
  • Sights and attractions you visited, as well as those you would like to see next time you go there.
  • The sights, sounds and smells of the area, as well as any memorable meals you enjoyed or interesting foods sampled.
  • How you got around, and any interesting people that you met.
  • What you purchased for yourself or others, including gifts or souvenirs.
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Above all, include as much detail as you can, along with personal observations and opinions.

3. Your observations and notes are usually more accurate and insightful if they are made soon after the visit or event; try to record your summer vacation memories as soon as possible, rather than waiting for weeks after the trip. You may prefer to make notes when lying in bed that evening, or perhaps while eating breakfast, you can write down what you hope to see and do that day. A good use of your time is to make notes while sitting on a train or bus, or in a plane.

4. You can make it easier to remember your travel experiences by collecting brochures, flyers and tickets while on your travels. Keeping the receipt or the menu from a restaurant will ensure you don’t forget the restaurant’s name. Pick up a store or museum plan from that great store you spent the afternoon in, or that fascinating museum you spent a few hours in. It is much easier to write a journal if you have all these reminders of your trip, and of course if you have postcards, brochures, maps and tickets, you can also use them to create a scrapbook after you get back home.

It is much easier to preserve travel memories if you keep a travel journal, and the travel journal ideas above will help you to preserve those summer vacation memories for ever. A travel journal is something that many people pass down to their children to read, but whether or not you have children, it is something to be kept and treasured and read over and over again.

Whether you are traveling across town or to the other side of the world this summer, don’t forget your travel journal!

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How to Preserve Summer Vacation Memories

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