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How To Remain Connected With Faraway Family Members

Plains in Haiti - How To Remain Connected With Faraway Family Members

Family is very important to us, but sometimes it’s hard to stay in touch with those who are closest to us, especially if you have a multicultural family. Philip was born in South America in a country called Guyana. He emigrated to the United States fifteen years ago.  Although most of his immediate family members are here in the United States, he still has relatives and friends who still live back in Guyana.  My parents both hail from Haiti. They emigrated to the US over 40 years ago but also still have close family members like my Grandmother who still live there. We also have close relatives living in Canada, Barbados.

The 3 Flags we fly in our house - American, Haitian, and Guyanese - How To Remain Connected With FarawayWhen you live far away from close family members, you may sometimes feel a loss, as if you can no longer be as close as you once were. However, there is no reason that family members who live far away from one another can’t remain close. Here are some great ways for you to remain connected with faraway family and preserve your relationship with your loved ones, and be closer than ever, despite the long distance:

Plan Vacations Together

If possible, your family members and you can coordinate your schedules so you can all vacation together. Even if it’s only once a year, if you take the time and effort to make each vacation special, then that time spent together can be quite memorable. You can take turns choosing the destination, or you could decide together. The choice doesn’t matter, as long as you are able to spend some quality time together.

Assisting One Another

One way that long distance family member remain close it by providing support and assistance to each other. For example, If either of you should need emergency cash, a service like Western Union can be used to send money in order to provide assistance. Aside from financial assistance, you and your loved one can also make it a point to provide emotional support to one another. If your family member sends you a text message detailing a breakup, don’t just send a one-word response. Show him or her that you care and make it known that you’re available to listen or provide advice. Such actions can go a long way for helping you to retain your closeness. You will also likely find that your family member will reciprocate the same support and assistance, should you ever need it.

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Use Technology To Stay Connected

Technology such as Skype, FaceTime, and other similar tools make communication very similar to talking in person. This can make staying connected with faraway family members easier than you might think. Social Media sites can also be used to connect and can be immensely fun, as well, so you should make the most of it. By using these methods, you don’t have to worry about any long distance bills, and you can chat on a daily basis, if you like.

Alternate Visits

Nothing could be more special than spending the holidays or summers with family members, and yours can be extra special if you take the time to make plans to be together. One year you could visit your loved ones for the holidays, and the next year they could come spend them at your home. One thing I love about visiting my foreign family members is the fact that there is always a lot of traditional food involved!  In fact, this #WUHomeCooked video from Western Union shows how big a part food plays when it comes to a person’s culture.

As you can see, there is no reason to feel that you and your faraway loved one will drift apart. If you were close when you lived near each other, then you can be just as close, regardless of any distance. You and your loved one will have to both make an effort to remain close, and you can have a healthy family relationship that can be quite enjoyable and enriching.

How do you remain connected with faraway family members?

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  • That’s like me. I have lots of family members all over the world and I try and stay in touch with my family members. We do plan vacations and I always use Western Union whenever I send money worldwide. Love how quick they get it.

  • It’s so hard — but so important — to stay in touch with everyone since people seem to always be moving all over the place! These are great tips.

  • It’s hard to be away from family. We are lucky that we have the technology these days to stay in touch and food is always a great to bring people together.

  • what a great post… Thank you for sharing your story. My Step-Mother is from Belgium and her Mom would spend 9 months in Belgium and 3 months here in the US. It was a great way to spend time, yet still live our lives.

  • Technology like webcams and phone cameras really help people stay connected nowadays. I should really take advantage of technology more often.

  • Good tips – it is so important to stay connected. Living away from family is so hard. Thank goodness for the internet!

  • With the use of FaceTime and technology I am amazed how much more in contact you can be with family from out of the country no less. However, nothing can compare to face to face time.

  • My husband is a pilot and is often far from home. I am so grateful for current technology!! I often think about how it was in the pioneer days when people moved away from family and friends to explore the west — often to never see or perhaps hear from one another ever again! SO GLAD things are different now, lol! Thanks for a great article! 🙂

  • We’re all in the States, but my family is spread out. I really need to get over my fear of using technology to stay in touch. Facebook and phone calls are great, but Skype can’t be as intimidating as I act like it is.