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Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys Play Set – A review

soccer guysIf you have any younger kids that are soccer fans, then the Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys play set is just the toy you have been looking for. It can even be used to teach the game to your kids. The Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys play set comes with 30 pieces total so that your kids can reenact their favorite soccer game; or even create their own with their imagination. This play set is actually an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award winner, which is an award given to toys that are deemed to enrich the lives of children.


What’s Included In The Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys Play Set

When your kids dive into this play set, they will find everything needed to create a soccer game. The Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys play set comes with enough players to create two teams. The 24 plastic players measure two inches high. While you can certainly play the game out in the yard, it comes with a washable felt field for game play as well. Two goals, a soccer ball and a referee are also included.


Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys Play Set Review

The play set is designed for use between the ages of three and 15. The pieces really do seem too small for anyone younger. Overall, I have found this play set to be a great choice for Z.E.N.  I like that it encourages imaginative play, unlike video games. I have also found it to be a great learning tool. If you have a child that plays in a local soccer league, the Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys play set can be used to explain plays. This seems to be easier than drawing out plays by hand.


Another great thing about the Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys play set is that it can be used by several kids or just one. You will be amazed by how many hours your child can sit and play with this set all by himself. If you watch any televised soccer games in your home, then you will likely see you kids recreating the games later on with this set.

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My biggest gripe about this toy set is that the figures are not all completely flat on the bottom. As a result, some of them will not stay standing upright. It isn’t a huge problem, but Z.E.N. gets really frustrated when he tries to make some of the guys stand up straight and they keep toppling over.  It would be nice if they were all completely flat on the bottom.  I did some research to see if anyone else experienced this problem and found a way to fix the problem by dipping the base of the figures into boiling hot water for a few seconds which will soften the plastic a bit allowing it to be re-shaped; re-shaping the bottom of the figure by standing it up on a flat surface flattening out the bottoms to make sure they stand up correctly; and then dropping them into cold water to “set” them.

I also wish that it came with more than one soccer ball. On more than one occasion, I have had to help Z.E.N. locate the ball. One time, he took it over to a friend’s house so they could play together and when he opened the case, guess what, no ball!  It took me a week to find the ball that time!  If the Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys play set had more than one ball, we might not have this problem, as I could put one away for safe keeping.

zen soccer guys

Nevertheless, besides the problem with some of the figures not being to stand upright, I see no complaints at all from Z.E.N.  He seems to love this play set. They also have other sports available, such as  hockey and football. As a matter of fact, Z.E.N has already asked  for more of these ‘guys’ sets.

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Z.E.N.’s review of Soccer Guys
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