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Lemon Berry Hibiscus Aguas Frescas Recipe

Lemon Berry Hibiscus Aguas Frescas by Philzendia

If you are looking for a fresh drink that is exotic and refreshing, but non-alcoholic, you should try Aguas Frescas. I recently discovered these drinks on our recent trip to Orland. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Antojitos and spotted something called Aguas Frescas on the menu. Philip and I are pretty adventurous when it comes to food so we decided to try them out. He went for the tamarind aguas frescas, while I chose the hibiscus aguas fresca. We both loved them!

Aguas frescas means “fresh waters” in Spanish. This colorful and delicious drink is popular south of the U.S. border, particularly in Mexico. The ingredients in Aguas Frescas are usually pretty simple, but some can include cereals, fruit, nuts and seeds that are mixed with sugar and water to create the drinks. One of the most popular of these drinks is horchata. Horchata is made with rice and cinnamon. Recipes for this flavor vary, with some containing milk, while others are made without milk.

If you have never had an aguas frescas you don’t have to travel south to try them. You can make some it at home. I tried my hand at making some and it was pretty easy. Plus it’s so easy to customize it to your liking. I think these drinks are perfect soft drink alternatives.


I was able to find dried hibiscus flowers locally at a Latino supermarket in my area.  If you can’t find it locally, you can find it at

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