Lennox Art Project Is Changing The Conversation About HVAC’s Place In The Home

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How can you put art and HVAC in the same sentence? Well, let me enlighten you! Do you know What Perfect Feels Like? Well, my idea of perfection is to sit in the comfort of my own home and enjoy the warmth of heat during the winter and air conditioning in the summer. My Lennox HVAC system is responsible for that, yet, it’s an item in my house that I rarely think about.  Mainly because I haven’t had to worry about it.  The Lennox HVAC system runs quietly and efficiently, but most of all, it keeps our home comfortable. If someone asked me to sum up the latest heating, ventilation and air conditioning system from Lennox, I would say that Lennox have mastered the art of creating the best HVAC units. But Lennox air systems wanted to paint the town red; hence the Lennox Art Project was born.

Have you ever considered your HVAC system as art?  Yeah, neither have I.  But that’s the whole point behind the Lennox Art Project. The company hired a team of renowned artists to visually describe What Perfect Feels Like.  In a nutshell, Lennox is busy marrying art and HVAC. They are doing this through some very interesting murals.

Lennox art project dragon mural

One mural features a powerful fire breathing dragon on the side of a house.  Now, dragons don’t like to be disturbed, especially not by noisy HVAC systems. However, these homes were fitted with Lennox HVAC systems, so in my mind, the dragon represents the reliable heating and cooling units that run quietly, so the dragon is not disturbed. Take a look at the dragon commercial online, it’s fabulous.lennox art project vault mural

Another mural features a vault on the wall of a home which I believe depicts savings.  The artists working on the Lennox Art Project painted an amazing three dimensional vault onto a wall to illustrate how the energy efficient system locked the heat in to save energy and money. Watch the  Lennox Vault commercial to learn more.

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You want Smart? Lennox iComfort Wifi® technology allows you to control your HVAC system remotely from your phone whether you’re in bed or at the airport. Your beautiful windows just sit there.

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You want Comfort? Of course you do, that’s why you have an HVAC system. But a Lennox HVAC system allows you to precisely control the temperature and humidity in every room in your house and eliminate impurities in the air. Your fancy stove needs that kind of technology.

You want efficient? Nothing is more important to reducing utility bills and environmental impact than your HVAC system. Lennox offers the most energy-efficient system in the world. That tankless hot water heater doesn’t compare.

You want to help the environment? A front-loading washer/dryer will not save the planet. Lennox SunSource® is the only HVAC system that can be powered directly by solar panels to reduce bills and environmental impact.

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Lennox Art Project Is Changing The Conversation About HVAC’s Place In The Home

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