How To Make Golden Milk Turmeric Tea

Reap The Benefits of Golden Milk Turmeric Tea With This Easy Recipe
Turmeric golden milk recipe

Have you ever used turmeric? I only learned about turmeric last year, but since then we have been using it regularly.  I wanted to try it to see if it would help with my chronic back pain.  Turmeric has helped me tremendously

As I stated in a previous post, one benefit of turmeric is that it helps to ease pain caused by inflammation.  When I heard about how well it works against inflammation, I researched how to use it. 

Some people cook with it, others take it by the teaspoonful, and, some people use it to make a simple turmeric latte or tea. I set out to find out how to make this turmeric latte or golden milk as it is often called, and have been making it ever since.  It is so easy to make. I love the taste of it and love the benefits even more. Here is a simple golden milk turmeric tea recipe.

Golden Milk Turmeric Tea Recipe

Turmeric Latte – Golden Milk Recipe 

Serving Size: 2



  1. Add milk, turmeric, and cinnamon to a small saucepan and allow it to simmer until all the ingredients are combined. Strain the golden milk through a nut bag into a teapot. Stir in honey. Serve it warm and with a dash of cinnamon on top. You may like to add a bit more honey if it’s your first time trying it.
  2. Enjoy!
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Straining is optional. I have issues with texture, so I prefer to drink beverages that are smooth. Also, sometimes when I want to change it up a bit, I add fresh ginger and cloves. It makes it a little spicier, kind of like a chai tea.

ingredients for turmeric golden milk recipe

Golden Milk Turmeric TeaHave you ever cooked with turmeric or tried turmeric golden milk? If you try this golden milk turmeric tea recipe, let me know how it turns out.

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How To Make Golden Milk Turmeric Tea

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