Massage Envy and the Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

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Have you ever had a professional massage? In my younger days, I used to get massages fairly regularly, but after Z.E.N. was born, somehow that all came to a stop. The last time I had a massage was almost 9 years ago when we traveled to St. Croix for Z.EN.’s first birthday. Wowzers! You can imagine my enthusiasm when Massage Envy invited me to have a massage at one of their spas. Of course I jumped on the opportunity and schedule my massage at the Massage Envy spa located in Woodbridge, New Jersey.Massage Envy Woodbridge NJ Location

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

First, let’ talk about massage therapy in general. The health benefits of massage therapy are tremendous and they are many and varied as well. Getting massage therapy treatments on a regular basis is a great way to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Whether your motivation is to reduce tension in the muscles, get relief from chronic pain or enjoy a period of relaxation, massage therapy can provide the remedy for whatever you are seeking.

You can use massage therapy as an essential component of you health maintenance plan. This is possible because it:

• Reduces tension in the muscles

• Improves mobility of the joints

• Eliminates or reduces pain

• Improves lymphatic drainage

• Improves circulation

Both chronic and acute conditions can be treated with massage therapy. Registered Massage Therapists are qualified to work with a wide cross-section of patients. They can very effectively use massage therapy in the treatment of injuries, illnesses and disabilities. It is also widely used for rehabilitation.

In addition, massage therapy can also be used as a component of a preventative care program. Included among these are injury prevention, sports training and ongoing stress management. Best of all, you and you therapist can work together to develop a treatment plan that is best suited for your individual needs.

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My Massage Envy Experience

When I went in for my massage, I was greeted by a friendly staff member at the front desk, who gave me a form to fill out. The form was basically a medical history form which also had questions about previous injuries, and any conditions that they should be aware of. There were also questions regarding what type of massage I wanted to have. A staff member then went over the form with me and inquired as to why I was coming in for a massage and pretty much outlined the process.

massage envy woodbridge, NJ front desk

The spa itself was nicely decorated which helped to evoke a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

massage envy hallway

Shortly after, I was taken to a waiting area where my massage therapist would meet me. My massage therapist brought me into the massage room and then gave me a few minutes to undress to my comfort level. You can take off as much or as little as you want. It’s really based on your comfort level.

massage envy massage room When I was done undressing, I climbed onto the massage table and waited for the massage therapist to come back into the room.

The massage was heavenly! I had a full body massage and felt so relaxed both during and after the procedure. Afterwards she pointed out that she felt a lot of tension in some areas, and recommended that I come in for regular massages. It was a great experience!

Massage therapy is great way to relax and be pampered, but it is so much more than that. I highly recommend getting massages. I really felt wonderful after my massage and can’t wait to go back for more.

Massage Envy Spas offers a wide range of treatments that can assist you in living a more balanced lifestyle. Check them out and become one of their healthy, happy and satisfied customers.

When was the last time you had a massage?

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  • I had one professional massage about….6 years ago, I think? I went to a spa that I had received a gift certificate to as a birthday gift. It was amazing and my currently very achey back would love to go to Massage Envy right now!!!

  • I love getting massages. I need to take advantage of my health insurance and get them more often. I’ve heard good things about Massage Envy. I need to check them out!

  • Massages are my favorite thing to do! I could do one once a week! If I had the money I would 😉 This sounds delightful!

  • I have never had a massage before. I always thought that these were things that people did if they just needed to de-stress or wanted to hang out with their girlfriends. I was surprised to read, however, that massage therapy improves the circulation in your body. This can definitely help you to prevent your body from injury, and ensure that your bones and muscles are staying strong. Thank you for the insight; I will definitely consider getting massage therapy a lot more seriously!

  • Thanks for showing your step by step experience. I didn’t realize massage can help circulation. My husband has been showing signs of poor circulation in his legs lately. I will have to mention this to him, and hopefully he will go get a massage to see if it helps!

  • The other day I was telling a friend that I has a really stressful week and I needed to unwind. She suggested that I go get a massage. I have never had one before but it sounds nice! I could definitely use some tension reduction in my muscles! I will have to look into that a little more.

  • I think that massages feel so good! It’s nice to know that when you get a massage there are health benefits. I didn’t know that it improves circulation. It’s cool how you say that it can be part of a health maintenance plan. That sounds great to me!

  • My wife really hurt her back the other day playing with our son, and she has no idea what she did to it. That being said, do you think that a massage would be able to help her out? It’s in her lower back, and she says that it’s a pretty sharp pain.

  • I really appreciate you sharing some insight about the benefits that come from getting a massage. My wife has been having a hard time sleeping lately, and she thinks it’s because she back has been hurting lately. Do you think that getting a massage would be able to help reduce her pain, and make it so she sleeps better?

  • I agree that massage therapy is good for decreasing pain. Muscles often hurt because they are tense, and what better way for muscles to relax than to perform massage therapy on them. My wife is always asking me for massages because of pain and knots in her back, and her back always seems to feel better after a little bit of massaging.

  • Good explanation of the different benefits of massage therapy. It’s good to be informed of all the different treatment options before committing to one path. Thanks so much for sharing.

Massage Envy and the Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

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