My DIY Advent Calendar

Last year I purchased a Christmas advent calendar.  It was very nice and all, but this year I wanted to make my own.  It took me a long time to come up with an idea of how I wanted to make it, but I finally decided on this DIY advent calendar idea.

DIY Advent Calendar

It was very easy to make.

DIY Advent Calendar – How To Make An Advent Calendar For Kids

Supplies needed:

I began this project by wrapping the foam board with the wrapping paper.  I used glue to make it stick.

Then I punched out the snowflakes.  The paper I used was very thin so it kept getting stuck in the punch.  Next time I’ll use heavier paper.

Once the snowflakes were punched out I used the white pen to write the numbers.  on them.Punched out snowflakes

Next up, I made the boxes.  They arrived flat so I had to actually put them together.

Small white truffle boxes

Using glue, I then placed the snowflakes on top of the boxes.

Then I placed the boxes on top of the foam board. I used glue to adhere them to the foam board.

Advent calendar boxes ready to be filled

Finally, I filled each box with a little treat and a little gift tag with a special activity for the day.

Advent Calendar project completed!

Next, I had to come up with 25 days of Christmas activities. Creating the activity list was no small feat.  We have crazy schedules so I literally had to print out December’s calendar to see where I could fit certain activities in.  I also made sure to add the activities to my planner so that I could remember them!

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Here is our Advent activity list:

  1. start reading Countdown to Christmas.  Read one passage every day until Christmas
  2. family movie night
  3. go for a winter stroll
  4. go to Starbucks to have a “drink”
  5. call grandparents and sing them a Christmas song
  6. read about and celebrate St. Nicholas day
  7. make a Christmas card for someone
  8. attend The Big Toy Book’s Biggest Day of Holiday Play event
  9. watch Miracle on 34th Street
  10. sing and dance to Christmas music
  11. go to Let’s Yo for a frozen Yogurt treat
  12. make a craft
  13. read a holiday story
  14. donate toys you longer play with
  15. find coats that we no longer wear and deliver them to the local coat drive
  16. pick out Christmas tree
  17. decorate Christmas tree
  18. Christmas pageant
  19. play a game
  20. color a Christmas picture
  21. watch Home Alone
  22. make sugar cone trees
  23. have a Christmas tree campout
  24. make Christmas cookies
  25. Merry Christmas! Have a fun day with the family

Are you going to make your own diy advent calendar? What does your family do to countdown to Christmas?

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My DIY Advent Calendar

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