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New Year’s Travel Resolution Tips

New Year’s Travel Resolution Tips

It is that time of year again.  The time to reflect on the year gone by and look forward to the year ahead.  Many of us mark this time period by brainstorming New Year’s resolution ideas. We promise ourselves we will go to the gym every morning for an hour before work, that we will only eat organic, or that we will go see grandma twice a week.  We commit to a budget or improving our organizational skills.  From food to finances, there are a wide variety of resolutions one can choose from.  While I have been thinking of making some of these resolutions, I have also been thinking about making New Year’s travel resolutions.

Maybe you just want to travel more like I do.  Or maybe you have specific destinations you would like to travel to.  No matter your travel resolution, it can best be completed when you divide it into smaller, more manageable steps.  Planning ahead, every step of the way, is key to meeting your travel goals.  A lot of people never rise to the challenge of their travel resolutions because they never have a clear plan to meet their goals.  A study conducted at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom recently revealed that the main reason people fail to meet their New Year’s resolutions is not for lack of willpower, but lack of a plan to stick to.

Here are five steps you can put into action, beginning today, that will help you stay committed to your New Year’s travel resolutions:

Narrow Down your Location

When it comes to where you will travel, be very specific.  A country is not good enough, pick a city.  For instance, I have always wanted to visit France, but more specifically, I want to visit Paris. Consider places you have always wanted to see, but never had the time, money, or courage to go to.  Once you decide on the city, write it down.

Decide on a Timeframe

Consider the timing of your travel plans.  Would you like to travel over a holiday?  How about your birthday or a break from school or work?  Choose specific dates that will easily fit your already set work and life plans.  If you need to request time off of work, do so as soon as possible after choosing your travel dates. Having set time off can help motivate you to execute your travel plans.

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Create a Travel Agenda

This step may require some research, but decide what you want to see, do, and experience at your travel destination. Are there tours you want to go on? Landmarks or art galleries to see?  What about recreational opportunities or shopping? Anytime, we travel, I spend hours checking out all the places I want to visit at my travel destination. I rather spend the time to do this prior to my trip than waste time trying to decide what to do while I’m there. 

Do Your Research

Figure out how much your trip will cost.  Decide how you will get there and where you will stay.  Maybe you want to spend a weekend at a romantic bed and breakfast hotel, or perhaps you want to travel with the family and decide to stay at a chain like Residence Inn. Whatever you decide, make sure to also factor in transportation while at the location and any special gear or items you will need to bring. 

Show Me the Money

Now that you have a good idea of where you want to go, you need to determine how much your travel resolution will cost so you can start saving.  Build your travel fund by cutting out unnecessary expenses such as eating out, happy hours, or pricey manicures.  Small changes like these can fatten the piggy bank. 

Break down the barriers to your New Year’s travel resolutions with these simple steps.  Remember that having a plan in place will guide you in completing you goal.  You will enjoy your travels even more knowing that you made a plan and stuck to it.

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