Nine Lives Movie: How Living Through A Cat’s Eyes Saved A Family

NineLives-FinalPosterA few days ago, we had the pleasure of seeing a screening of the Nine Lives movie. We were hosted by EuropaCorp. The Nine Lives movie is a 2016 comedy that is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who has filmed such family-friendly movies as “Men in Black” and “The Addams Family.” Sonnenfeld was also instrumental in bringing movies like the 1988 film “Big” and the 2007 film “Enchanted” to life. He is now bringing “Nine Lives” to theaters, which is the story of a father who has not paid attention to his family for some time.

The main character in the film is played by none other than Kevin Spacey. Spacey’s character, Tom, is a power hungry business man at the top of his game. Tom is married to Lara, played by Jennifer Garner. The couple has a young daughter, Rebecca, who is played by Malina Weissman.

Nine Lives Movie

Rebecca has a birthday early on in the film where she asks for her heart’s truest desire, which is a cat. Tom is not a fan of cats but finally agrees to it. This leads him to purchase a cat from a strange little pet store owned by Christopher Walken’s character, Felix. As magical films go, through a series of unfortunate events, Tom ends up inhabiting the cat’s body.Film Title: Nine Lives

Seeing his life through the eyes of the cat shows Tom how much of his family he has been missing. The cat may not be able to communicate in a human way, but through observation Tom begins to see that he has not been a good husband or father. Kevin’s character spends his time trying to get everyone to notice that he is trapped in the cat body to no avail. Tom’s misadventures make this an enjoyable and fun movie that teaches strong family values.Jennifer Garner stars in EuropaCorp's "NINE LIVESÓ. Photo Credit: Takashi Seida © 2015 EuropaCorp

The audience might be wondering: Will Tom return to his body, and will he reconnect with his family? Well, only the film can answer that.

After watching the movie, we had a chance to chat with Cheryl Hines who played Kevin’s ex-wife in the movie.

Cheryl Hines seen at EuropaCorp Presents the World Premiere of "Nine Lives" at TCL Chinese Theatre on Monday, August 1, 2016, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for EuropaCorp/AP Images)

When asked about what message she thinks kids will take away form the movie, she answered “Well, I hope that kids walk away with the idea that if your parents aren’t paying enough attention to you, tell them it’s time to unplug. But, what I do with my kids and my nieces and nephews when we go out to eat, we all stack our cell phones in the middle of the table. And you’re not allowed to touch your cell phone during dinner…”

I love her idea of banning phones during dinner. Dinnertime is one of the times when we should bond and connect as a family. It’s a time when we can chat about the experiences of our day. Cell phones can be a huge distraction and I can see why they should be banned form dinnertime.

Nine Lives is in all theaters now!  Get your tickets Here!

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  • This film seems a fun to watch 🙂 I suppose we all know the ending, but if there are a lot of funny shots, it will be worth watching it 🙂

Nine Lives Movie: How Living Through A Cat’s Eyes Saved A Family

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