Pump up the Music with Deck by Sol Republic X Motorola

Have you ever had people over and gathered in a part of the house far away from your music source. It happens all the time in my house. People always seen to wind up in the kitchen for some reason. Well I’m guessing that’s because that’s where the food is! The kitchen is upstairs and my stereo is downstairs in the family room so the sound does not travel that far. I do have an old iPod deck that can move around the house, but it’s pretty big and clunky, plus it needs to be plugged in. When we’re entertaining, our counters are covered with trays of food, so there’s really no way I can plug in the iPod dock without giving up some of my precious counter space.

Luckily I recently found an easy solution to the problem, namely, the SOL Republic Deck Bluetooth speaker system.

SOL Republic Deck Bluetooth speaker system

The Deck is a very interesting wireless speaker, especially for people like me who like to have family gatherings. First off, it’s pretty small.  It’s not that much bigger than my iPhone.  It’s also wireless. Like most wireless speakers on the market, it is easily paired with Bluetooth devices and can be set up easily. Uniquely, though, the Deck also features a mode called “Heist” that allows up to five devices to be paired with the speaker. I love this feature because there are always one or two people who ask us to play a certain song. With this feature, people can pair (connect) their device to the Deck and play whichever song they want. While only one user can stream music at a time, multiple devices can be paired in order to take over the playlist responsibility from the main device.

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Size comparison of SOL Republic Deck Bluetooth speaker system vs iphone 5s

Having a good Bluetooth speaker can make family parties a great deal of fun. Being able to stream music from a phone or other Bluetooth device allows everyone to experience their favorite music without having to dig out the old stereo. Deck by Sol Republic and Motorola is a unique speaker system that is perfect for those who are picky about their music but do not want to spend a great deal of time setting up a speaker system. With its unique ability to deal with multiple devices, everyone in the family can have a say in what is played.

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Pump up the Music with Deck by Sol Republic X Motorola

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