Samsung Flex Duo Oven Range: A Quick Peek At a Revolutionary Oven

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A home is not complete without a good oven range. But oven ranges come a dime a dozen until someone introduces something truly revolutionary. This is what you can expect with the Samsung Flex Duo Oven Range with Dual Door and WiFi Connectivity. Best Buy hooked us up with this new oven range and we think it’s the best thing ever!  It has so many great features that will truly make us more efficient in the kitchen. Check out some of our favorite features below:

Dual Oven With Flexible Door Design

The feature that I love the best is the dual oven. There is an upper and lower oven.  You can also choose to use the whole oven. The oven door design is very functional.  If you are only using the upper oven, you can choose to only open the upper oven.  You can also open the full door if you are using the lower oven, or choose to use the whole oven. 

Samsung flex dual oven door design

Dual Convection Technology

The fact that the oven can open in two different ways is more than just a style choice. The oven comes with dual convection technology. This means that you can cook two completely different meals at one time. The oven comes with a Smart Divider that is designed to keep different cooking temperatures and aromas from mixing between ovens, so you can bake cookies in the upper oven and a meatloaf in the lower oven and there will not be any transfer of flavors between the two.

Wi Fi Connectivity

Cooking has never been smarter than with the technology that exists now. With the Samsung Smart Home App, you can connect this oven range to the Wi-Fi in your home. The Smart Home app offers a range of great options for a cook on the move. For example, you can receive texts or notifications about cooking times. You can adjust the temperature in the oven or the cooking time as well. You will be able to turn off the oven should you need to do that as well. We have a gas range, so for safety reasons, we can’t start the oven form the app, but you can do so on the electric model.

Samsung Smart Home App

Self-Cleaning Oven

I think a lot of people will like this feature. I, for one, do not enjoy scrubbing the oven. Having a self-cleaning oven will eliminate the need to do all that scrubbing to get the oven clean.  

Circulating Air Technology

The oven also comes with the option to circulate the air a little faster. This means that you can bake much faster should you want to.  This also means that reheating left-overs should also be a lot easier and tastier than simply microwaving them.

The oven is made with stainless steel, meaning that it is easy to clean and durable as well. There are a lot of features that make this particular oven worth your attention. Bottom line, a new and updated home cannot be complete with an oven that can accommodate today’s growing needs for smart technology. Not to mention the need for more cooking options.

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Samsung Flex Duo Oven Range: A Quick Peek At a Revolutionary Oven

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