Seven Things I Love About Spring

Things to Love About Spring

The coming of spring has always been viewed as a time for rejuvenation. As nature starts its seasonal cycle anew, spring offers us a time for hope and renewal. Here are some of the things I love about spring.

The smell of spring

Spring is first smelt, not seen or heard. That sweet smell of nature waking up from winter is one of the best mood enhancers I know. The breeze wafting through your open window becomes an experience in odors come spring.

Sounds of nature

Chirp. Buzz. Squeak. Nature comes alive with different and interesting sounds as spring arrives. A quick walk through a nearby park can let you experience a gentle cacophony of sounds, a melody of nature that you’d be hard pressed not to enjoy.

Flowers everywhere

Spring blooming flowers are everywhere come spring. I love to pick a few to put in vases around the house.  Spring is the perfect time to enjoy nature’s bounties.

Longer days

Longer days means more time to enjoy the numerous spring blooming flowers and the sounds of nature. Now that the days are longer, I can start taking walks around the neighborhood again and enjoy more time outdoors with my family.

Everybody smiles

You’d have to be a total grouch if you’re not a least bit optimistic about the promise of life when spring arrives. Spring is the time when total strangers just want to smile at each other, exchange a few pleasantries, and generally just share the good mood that comes with the season. Enjoy the good vibes and revel in the fact that winter has finally ended.

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Warmer weather

Being able to shed all the layers and leave the house with only a jacket or sweater for warmth is one of my favorite things about spring.  I also love being able to open up the windows and letting the nice breeze circulate through the house. 


Best thing about spring? It is the perfect time to get off your chair, go outdoors, and plant something. We plant vegetables every spring and can’t wait to get started this year. Enjoy the sun as you create your own garden and plant seeds that will reap dividends all summer long.

What are some things you love about spring?

I’m not the only one sharing seven things about spring! Check out my fellow Chosen Chix and see their thoughts on spring:

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  • I absolutely LOVE when the days are longer. It’s my favorite part about Spring coming!!!! Oh, and the warmer weather isn’t bad either.

Seven Things I Love About Spring

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