Spring Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

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Spring is upon us, and that doesn’t just mean a change in the weather. Many people turn their interest to their homes as the warmer weather brings better moods and longer days. Exterior makeover projects and spring cleaning are pretty common for this time of year. Unfortunately, if you are a busy mom, chances are you not only have less time than the average Joe, but you also are likely to have excess clutter. Kids’ toys and clothes can quickly get out of control if you are not constantly decluttering. When it comes to juggling family life, there is a balance that can blend having a tidy clutter-free home while still being present with your family. Following a few spring cleaning tips can help you find that balance.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

Enlist the help of your family

I strongly believe that spring cleaning should be a family affair. If everyone pitches in, it can be completed quickly and effectively. Choose a day when everyone will be available and make it a fun family day. Make a list of all the household tasks that need to be tackled and get to work. Upon completion of a certain number of items, do something as a family, such as play a game or go for a bike ride. Not only will this create the opportunity for valuable family time, it will clean your house in the process. Tackling a large spring cleaning list can be daunting, but working on it together might make it seem much less intimidating.

Spring cleaning should be a family affair

Declutter Your Space

When it comes to cleaning, you will find out quickly how much easier it is to clean a home that is relatively clutter-free. If you have to clear numerous toys and clothes off the floor before you even pull out the vacuum, cleaning takes twice as long and is twice as hard and is twice as likely to not get done. This is why decluttering your home is so important.  I always spend time decluttering before a good clean for just that reason. Pick everything up off the floor. Put away toys and find homes for items that need them. If things are ending up on the floors, chances are you quite simply have too much stuff. Once you have decluttered those floors, you can start your clean. When it comes to the kitchen, clean your appliances to give them new life and recycle old electronics as they take up a lot of space.

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Have a Yard Sale

When you have fully decluttered every room, drawer, and surface, you should have a good-sized pile of items to get rid of. Consider having a yard sale. It’s a great way to get rid of clutter and yard sales can be profitable as well.  Be merciless in deciding what to keep and what to sell. Ask yourself questions like: “Have I used this item in the last year?” “Does the pleasure of holding onto this outweigh the need for the space it takes up?”

After spring cleaning, have a yard sale

Check your local rules regarding yard sales. to find out if you need a permit, etc. Sort your items for the sale. Having them presented in a neat and organized way can help increase potential sales. Anything that is left after the sale should be donated. Make the decision, and share it with the family, that anything that does not sell is not coming back into the house. There is something very gratifying about seeing your items being purchased, put to good use, and finding new homes.

The great thing about decluttering is that it improves so many areas of your life. Not only does it make you feel better about your home, it also frees up more time to connect with your family and friends. With less clutter, it is so much faster to clean and organize your home, and this excess time is a crucial part of juggling family life. So get started! Start with one room, one closet, one drawer – whatever you need to do get the declutter-ball rolling.

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Spring Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

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