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Why Turning 40 Is Not Such A Bad Thing

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The joys of turning 40 word art

Nothing can be quite as interesting as the topic of aging among us ladies. All of us have our take on it and ways to deal with it. So days before my 40th birthday, I turned to my group of friends to hear what they had to say. As expected, all of them had at least one piece of advice for me. “Don’t worry, it’s just another number,” one said , while another was more practical when she told me it’s time to put things into perspective. Another friend excitedly named all the 40 year old celebrities who are doing great to comfort me. Quick note: She only made matters worse.

Truth to be told, I dreaded the milestone. I can’t believe how quickly my 30s went by. Plus, I certainly didn’t look or feel 40. In fact, I get carded even if I try to buy scratch off lotto tickets at the convenience store! But suddenly one day, I wake up and realize I can almost be considered to be middle aged! Then I start to wonder: is that another grey hair I see? Is my skin is going to start to sag? What about the dreaded light bladder leak? Should I start stocking up on Poise already to avert embarrassment? Turning 40 started off on an interesting note.

I realized however, that it wasn’t such a big deal. Like my friend had said, age is just a number. Yes, 40 is quite an intimidating number for most of us. But then it is also the time when we have some idea of who we are and what we want from life. As much as I thought I’d hate to say it, I’m older and wiser now.

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Forty is better than 30 quote

Forty is better than 30. I have a better understanding of who I am, what makes me tick, what’s okay and not okay. ~Brooke Burke

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Do you worry about turning 40?

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  • I am 32, and it does seem like my thirties are going by fast. I still feel 20 something. I think I will probably still feel 30 something when I’m 40. But I do agree with your friend age is just a number, you really should just dismiss it and be who you are.

  • You know – I’m about to turn 55 and in my head I’m still 22. My back reminds me all the time that I’m not but that’s OK. Most of aging is attitude and it sounds like you have that down just fine.

  • I am not too far off. Just a little over four years now. I am not too worried though. I feel younger in my head 🙂

  • I married for the first time at age 40, conceived naturally, and gave birth at age 42 and 44 to two healthy daughters! It was in my 40s that I realized everyone has different seasons in life. The key is never allowing another person to determine your season for getting married, having children, choosing a different career, etc. Walk into your 40s with confidence because it’s good to be great!