Super Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

With the colder season coming, it is a good idea to start looking for ways to winterize your home. Fortunately, there are numerous things that you can do to keep yourself warm and safe in the upcoming flu season. Winterizing your home can be as easy as following these next few simple steps.

Winterize your home for a warm cozy winter

Close off any potential draft spaces by stuffing cloth underneath doorways and windows. Not only will these prevent outside airborne particles from infecting your home, it can also save you money on heating bills by keeping the heat inside the home.

If you have a ceiling fan in your house, it is a good idea to reverse it to push the warm air downward. Warm air is less dense than cold air and will often climb upwards in a room. The best way to combat this is to help circulate the warm air by pushing it down with the fan, keeping the temperature in your home comfortable for you.

Performing a quick tune up or maintenance of your heating system can also be a great way to help winterize your home. Often, many simple parts can be replaced and fixed to help optimize the amount of heat that is provided, as well as helping regulate the heat to begin with. Leaks and drips will also have to be addressed immediately, as these have the potential to stagnate and attract germs and bacteria.

Additionally, installing a filtrete healthy living filter can be a great way to help reduce the amount of airborne particles present in your home. These filters attract contaminants that are always present in your home and continuously circulate air through them, creating an effectively clean space by constantly filtering the air through.

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Basic hygiene should always be practiced as well. Disinfecting doorknobs before and after use can be a great way to ward off infections. Washing your hands every time you leave and enter your home will also get rid of foreign contaminants before they have a chance to spread inside your living space. By following some of these simple steps, you will be able to prepare your home for the winter and keep your family free of illness!

What do you do to winterize your home?

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Super Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

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