Tangled Movie Review – Tangled is an Absolute Hit

Tangled Blu-Ray DVDMy son and I had the opportunity to see the movie Tangled at our local library.  Here is my Tangled movie review.


Tangled Movie Review

Tangled is basically a remake of the classic Rapunzel.  Rapunzel, played by Mandy Moore,  is the daughter of a king and queen.  Unbeknownst to her parents, Rapunzel’s hair is magical and has healing powers.  However, an old women named  Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy) is aware of this fact and kidnaps her.  Rapunzel’s magical hair allows Mother Gothel to stay young, and attractive, so she pretty much uses Rapunzel’s hair as her own personal fountain of youth and raises in a tower under lock and key.

Rapunzel is forbidden to leave the tower, and  is forbidden to cut her hair because the magical healing powers actually reside and grow in Rapunzel’s golden hair and will remain intact as long as her hair is not cut.

Rapunzel is very curious about the outside world and desperately wants to leave the tower to see the annual floating lantern festival which she has only been able to see from her window.  These floating lanterns are sent into the air each and every year, on Rapunzel’s birthday, reminding everyone of their beloved missing princess.

She gets her chance to leave the tower when she meets Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi).  Flynn is a thief who is running from the law. He happens upon the tower and climbs inside to hide.  At first, Rapunzel is scared of him.  She knocks him out with a frying pan, ties him up, and hides his stolen treasure.  Later on, she warms up to him and strikes a deal with him, convincing  him to guide her to the nearby kingdom where she can finally see the floating lanterns up close.  She promises that she will return the  stolen goods when he returns her safely to the tower.

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The two endure much danger, adventure and a little romance as they make their way through the kingdom.

I wasn’t sure if I would like this movie, but I must say that I really enjoyed it. I thought it was beautiful and even started to tear up at the end when Rapunzel was reunited with her real parents. My son loved it as well.  It really kept his attention.
The movie  was very well made.  The animation was excellent and there were quite a few humorous parts.  I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions.

The only part of the movie I thought was a little weak were the songs.  I didn’t find any of the songs to be catchy unlike other Disney films like Aladdin or the Little Mermaid.

Also, at the end, Flynn is almost killed, so although my son didn’t find this part to be scary, some kids may.

Nevertheless,  Tangled was a great movie and one that would be a great addition to any family’s Disney movie collection.It is available in both Blu-Ray and DVD formats.

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Hope you enjoyed the review!


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  • My girls and I haven’t watched Tangled yet, which is such a pity. I must buy the DVD soon. 😀 Thanks for visiting my site!

    • Yes. You should definitely check it out. We really enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting!

Tangled Movie Review – Tangled is an Absolute Hit

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