Love Music? Check out the Sonos One Smart Speaker

Do you listen to music while you are working? For me, music is a must. I’ve noticed that when I play instrumental or classical music,  I’m able to focus an incredible amount of my attention on the task at hand. It was harder to do it when I was working in a corporate setting because I was always worried about disturbing my co-workers. However, now that I work from home, I can march to beat of my own drum and listen to whatever I want, whenever I want at whatever volume I want!

Sound quality matters though.  The speakers attached to my computer are not the best, so I needed an upgrade. Enter the Sonos One Smart Speaker. It is a Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built In. It connects with Amazon Alexa easily over Wi-Fi.  If you enjoy listening to music and you are looking for a way to get the best sound quality, this latest technology may be the answer you have been looking for.

Sonos One Smart Speaker

The hands-free feature is very useful. It allows you to start and control your music using your voice. And you really only need the one app to easily manage your music, whether you use Internet radio, Spotify,  Amazon Music, TuneIn radio, Pandora, or iHeartRadio. And it isn’t just music. Since Amazon Alexa is built in, you can check news and traffic, manage smart devices and enjoy all those other helpful Amazon Alexa skills using a single Sonos speaker. I like the fact that it will respond to the voice of everyone in your household. Your kids can request their favorite sing-along songs, and friends can skip or replay tracks and adjust audio settings, with no app required. If you’re having a party, your party guests can request their favorite songs in real-time too!

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To me, this hands-free capability is one of the best things about the Sonos One smart speaker, meaning I can listen to music while I’m working in my office, my office, cleaning up the kitchen, or doing housework only using my voice.

And if you like the idea of listening to music in any area of your home, the Sonos can connect wirelessly with other Sonos Home Sound Speakers to play music in any or every room.  Whether you are in the kitchen, the bedroom or the dining room, all you need to do is to ask Amazon Alexa to play a particular song, and you can immediately enjoy it with the best possible sound quality.

And along with great sound quality and ease of use, the Sonos One speaker also looks good, and won’t seem out of place alongside your other electronics or smart pieces of furniture. The smooth matte finish and the solid white or black colors of the speakers complement any existing home décor or look.

Sonos One Smart Speaker

The way we listen to music is continually evolving and if you want the convenience of being able to listen to music, along with news and weather by simply giving a voice command, it’s time you became familiar with Sonos One and Amazon Alexa. You can see all the specifics online at or in person at your local store.

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Love Music? Check out the Sonos One Smart Speaker

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